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Employee Vacation

Employee Vacations: What You Can and Can not

Employee vacations are one of the most common themes in the world of work, but also the most complex. We will try to address the most ...
Contract Termination Calculation - Work Portfolio

How to Calculate Termination of Work

Do your contract termination calculation work now! See more calculators like this in Accurate Calculation Calculation of Termination of Employment Contract Salary ...
Additional Night: Learn how it works and how to use an overtime control worksheet

How to calculate the Overtime? See Examples!

In a work contract of 8 hours per day, 6 days a week, a worker fulfills about 220 hours per month. Dividing the ...

Easily Control Voucher Distribution to Employees

What are employee vouchers: Voucher can be what the employee receives from early pay (40% of gross salary), or also ...
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