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Learn how to automate processes with a management system.

Learn how to automate processes with a management system.

Process automation is a very important reality for today's companies as they have a heavy workload and ...
PDCA to Improve Processes

PDCA more than a methodology, a true anti-flame vest

By Dilma Balbi. Living in the rush of urgencies, the feeling of ever burning fires is constant. A span of tongue out, panting, rasa ...
how to identify bottlenecks

Identifying bottlenecks and measuring the maturity of your business

Article written by LUZ columnist Keire Morais, responsible for Grandi Academy. Speaking in Business Management for small businesses implies, first and foremost, understand ...
How to prepare the company for the future

The 6 Pillars to Prepare the Enterprise for the Future

This article was written by the partner of LUZ Edson Luis Diehl, specialist in business management. Nowadays, the changes happen in pace each time ...
Kaizen - continuous improvement

Quality Management, the secret to continuous improvement

Quality management is the set of techniques and procedures focused on improving the provision of services or the production of a company ...
Process optimization with excel

Learn how to do process optimization with Excel

Defining your organization's key process mapping and management is one of the most important and complex times it can be. And the...
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