3 Simple steps to organize your workday with the right food

organize work day with food
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By Nadia Cozzi, pscholar, consultant, culinarista and blogger.

Want to improve your relationship with food and break produce better in your work? 

You must be thinking ... of course, this is the desire of mankind, and it seems difficult to be fulfilled is not it? Cause I say yes you can and better is not as difficult as it seems.
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First of all we have to understand that there is a demonization of food these days, that is bad, that is bad, you can not do that, you can not do that.

1) Make peace with food

This is certainly an important step. Everything can, but with discretion. Of course, ultra-processed foods filled with weird ingredients can not do your health well. So how about reducing your consumption to the maximum and putting new flavors in your day to day?

In supermarkets we find incredible natural spices that are available both in nature and dry? Have you ever tried putting your mustard seeds in your salad? It's a delight. Mixing fruits with leaves also give great marriages, mangoes get on very well with arugula. Most of the time people do not like salads because they reduce their universe to that bland tomato salad. Unusual sauces and combinations make fantastic salads.

2) Create Habits!

Yes, our brains need them. Let's create a power pattern? We can start with meal times and menus.

Waking up a little earlier gives the conditions for a more adequate breakfast with the right nutrients, this already guarantees energy and good humor, the body is waking up and needs an "up" to start the day well.

Fresh or dried fruits in the middle of the morning and mid-afternoon help control the appetite for the next meal and contribute to the proper functioning of the intestine.
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Lunch time should be respected, try to eat quietly and quietly, do not swallow the food thinking about seizing the time for other activities. If it is very necessary, choose a day of the week to solve your problems, have little lunch and capriche in the afternoon snack. A fruit vitamin with milk or yogurt may be ideal.

A light dinner provides the conditions for essential restful sleep to deal with a new day that arrives. Salads in the summer and soups in the winter are great choices. Fruits, cheeses and grilled are excellent companions.

Creating standards with schedules and menus based on fruits, vegetables, vegetables, cereals, dairy products and meats, we create conditions for an efficient and productive work day. Leave the hype for the weekend. And do not forget the water, always in abundance, it is essential for the functioning of your brain.

3) Empty Calories Undermine Your Disposition

When setting your schedules and menus, do not fall into the trap of restaurants and snack bars with their empty calories, economy, practicality and speed. Foods full of calories and few nutrients will only make you drowsy and drowsy. Feijoadas are great on Saturdays with friends, not on a Wednesday with an important meeting whose presentation depends on you, do you agree?

Speaking of saving time and money, they are essential factors when we treat material goods, but never apply to food. Economy with food means future spending on medicines. Do not use the excuse of not having the time, not liking to cook or not to know, because later you will be forced to have time to take care of the health, or rather, the illness.

Face the necessary changes, they will present themselves in all spheres of your life, so strengthen yourself by changing what is simpler first. Automate these patterns, over time the brain incorporates these new habits and everything becomes much easier. Oh and if you fall into the trap for a day, start again, no problem, no charges. One day at a time.

Since you have managed to make a schedule for your food, how about enjoying and doing the same for the other activities?

  • What are you going to do in the morning, what are your priorities? Elect 3 stuff and focus on them.
  • Starting sooner and arranging the time, goodbye, run-ins and running, And better, if an unexpected situation arises we can resolve it calmly.
  • Can you get a few minutes after lunch to relax? Rest is important for the brain to restore itself. How about a walk on the block?
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  • In the afternoon, pass on the morning's chores, have the priorities been met? If not, return to them. Do not run into other tasks.
  • Problems do happen, but consider whether in the long run they really are relevant to your ultimate goal. Do not waste your energy ruminating things unimportant for the future.
  • Watch out for factors that catch attention and suck time. Concentration is the key. Social networks and other devices always take us precious time, set times for them, and do not exceed what was stipulated.
  • The night was made to relax, so turn off the key of work and problems whenever possible. Sit comfortably in soft light, put on some good music, have a glass of wine, have a good chat or watch an interesting movie. Seek the pleasures of life in your day to day life.
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