5 Tips for Working with Content Marketing

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Any business owner who is up to date with news from the world of marketing You know that there is an almost infinite range of strategies available on the market. O content marketingBut it is certainly the most affordable and efficient of them.

But we must separate the chaff from the wheat. With the popularization of the term, some interested and even well-meaning people may find that the strategy boils down to create a blog, writing posts, and firing links to the email box of leads or loyal customers.

Not quite. To avoid some primary mistakes and avoid a lot of time and effort, here are some foolproof tips that make up the backbone of the area.

1) The quality of content

First, content marketing deals with… content!

That is, the quality of the material generated must be more than reasonable. Some experts even say that it is ideal to publish only your best material.

Exaggerated or not, in fact it is better to release something excellent once a week than a mediocre text per day. This may require two professionals where the company has only placed one.

In other words, if the brand works, for example, with laser blepharoplastyIt may be that an excellent professional in the field does not enjoy writing so much. So a tip is to put it in partnership with a professional copywriter.

Thus, a text will draw attention for its technical quality, as well as for the content and form of the language used.

2) Take solutions before service

One thing is for sure: if the content is good, the reader will benefit even if it does not become a customer or even a lead.

Of course the interest is that it becomes. But a benefited reader will always remember a professional who helped him at some point.

Thus, the company that generates a didactic content about, for example, the advantages that male liposculpture it can bring, winning the interest of some who might not even think about it, it certainly comes out ahead of the competition that still treats the subject in an unpalatable way to the public.

3) Bet on different platforms

Once the content is very well done, it's time to get it to the right people. An always important tip is the digital strategy of 360 degrees, which does not mean “shoot everywhere”.

You need to invest in more than one platform, from the blog that is the center of your creativity / content to the brand social networks. What's more, one must not forget the power of email: now yes, it's time to trigger contacts, links, newsletters and every order of content.

If the company offers services related to pvc lining imitating woodWhether it's installation or maintenance, she should know that not all her audience is used to reading blogs.

Amazingly, there are still customers who are most easily contacted via email. Others don't like social networking for personal reasons, and so on.

4) The icing on the cake: the SEO strategy

It's no secret that the major search engines have become the world's largest showcases, although paying for advertisements (or even clicks) is not always within the reach of a business.

Obviously, the solution is not to be left out, but to do the Search Engine Optimization, seeking the best way to optimize your site so that it appears prominently in search.

Good ranking will ensure that content reaches many more people, so quality material will not risk being unknown and ignored.

5) Ebook: Leveraging “Old” Material

Finally, after investing in the production of good posts, and having ensured that they reach the right people in the best possible way, it's not time to turn the page and forget what happened.

So that the effort made in the best content is not lost after a while, you can select them and, over a period of time, generate a free ebook.

With this, it is possible to restart the disclosure, now firing a denser and more complete material and reaching even more people.

If a company sells money counting machineFor example, after several posts have been written about it, and raising customers from banks and financial institutions, generating a digital book on the topic is a way to educate an even larger niche in the market.

This, as well as the other tips, certainly helps a company / brand not only strengthen itself, but also convert more and sell more.

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