5 Home Office Business Ideas

5 Home Office Business Ideas
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“Home Office” in Portuguese means “Home Office”. It is therefore no coincidence that advertisers, programmers and designers, equipped with only one notebook, can work and serve customers in the nook of their homes via the internet.

However, the Home Office is not only limited to the bedroom walls and is therefore also known by the terms “Telecommuting” or even “Remote Work”. 

Even, it is quite common for the Home Officer to bet on other places to perform their tasks. Libraries and shared corporate spaces called coworking are examples of appropriate places for those who work through the Home Office.

In addition, Home Office is not only suitable for professionals in advertising, design, journalism and programming. 

That entrepreneur who set up a craft business in his home garage is also on the Home Officers team.

Suggestions for those who want to work as a Home Officer

The idea of ​​working at home is really interesting. Just thinking that you will no longer spend on gas and food is a bit tempting. 

Nowadays there are many possibilities for those who want to venture into the vast world of Home Office. 

inclusive, for various activities, it is important to know the laws that address MEIs (Individual Microentrepreneurs)because in many cases work at home could be a small business.

So, here's some business ideas for those who have questions and also want some tips for turning home sweet home into your business address. 

1 - Invest in an Online Store

Ao mount an e-commerce, any operation can be performed directly from your home, apartment, or a coworking. Anyway, the fact is that much of your work will be in the middle online.

Therefore, when it comes to online store, it is essential to choose a good platform to be the support of operations sale and dissemination of products. 

When it comes to e-commerce, one of the best known platforms is the Magento, which has all the resources to build a professional online store with low investment. 

Beyond the platform, it is impossible not to pay due attention to website hosting. In the case of an e-commerce, a lodging is of great help as it has enough security, resource flexibility, unlimited traffic and constant backups.

Besides that, VPS hosting has virtual servers that can scale easily to meet your project needs.

also It's important to think about promoting your e-commerce, because it's no use putting it online and expecting customers to bump into it by accident.

Therefore, a Marketplace can be an interesting alternative, as this way your virtual store shares space with other e-commerce, as if it were a virtual shopping mall. 

2 - Craft Production

Handwork involving knittingSewing and painting are a good alternative to home office entrepreneurship. 

Nowadays it is impossible to maintain a good customer base by offering handcrafted products such as paintings, embroidered washcloths and so on.

Many of these products can be used as household items, home props and other features. And remember: Home Office doesn't just mean working with online technologies. 

5 Home Office Business Ideas

3 - Online School Boost

Through this feature teachers are able to teach tutoring through video conferencing tools. O Skype, for example, is one of them.

Because there is no need for commuting and no exorbitant classroom rental costs are required, expenses are affordable. 

In addition, the teacher is able to make their own schedules to better serve their students.

On the other hand, it is also possible to act in this model of online teaching by providing language classes, reinforcement for those who want to take a public exam and even support for those who want to enter a college or join a specific course. 

4 - Sweet and Salty Production

Birthday, wedding, graduation parties or even congresses and seminars should feature snacks to make the guests happy. Therefore, a good Home Office business option is to produce sweet and savory foods.

Demand for this type of service is constant and the customer base has everything to be large, especially in the corporate and outsourcing business. 

It is worth mentioning that having a sweet and savory space at home, it is interesting to look for information on how to fit the requirements of MEI (Individual Microentrepreneur).

This way you will get all the benefits that the law provides for this type of business. 

5 - Beauty & Beauty Services 

Have a beauty salon at home is nonetheless a viable alternative for those who want to act as Home Office. 

Therefore, those who understand makeup, pedicure, manicure, haircuts and other activities related to the visual tract can invest in this area.

Remember, however, that it is important to be aware of all the legal and material requirements that this type of venture requires.


Home Office is a great alternative for those looking for extra income or even for those who are unemployed and need to enter the job market. 

Therefore, the above tips are just some of several activities that are viable alternatives for those who want to own their own business.

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