7 lucrative business ideas to get started on 2020

7 lucrative business ideas to get started on 2020
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Seeking ideas from profitable business for 2020? Then you are reading the right article. In this article we bring together the 7 major business trends to open a company in the economic scenario that Brazil is currently facing. Keep following to learn more and good reading!

Healthy eating

If you want to "get it right" and invest in a profitable business, then invest in healthy eating. Never has the market been so favorable for this type of business. After all, more and more people are investing in natural and organic products. On Small Business Profit Website, you will have access to a guide on how to set up a health food store.

The fact is that this kind of lucrative business will always find space because there will constantly be people looking for healthy eating. And as the economy improves, these products are likely to be even more in demand.

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health food store

Game Design

The visibility of this business has been quite high in recent years and will continue to rise on 2020. Best of all, design is gaining even more technologies to work with, such as:

  • Videogames
  • Smartphones
  • Computers
  • Tablets

And beyond these platforms, game design also finds opportunities in children's educational games. These, in turn, are requested by companies that work in the area.

Thus, the function of design is to build a game with a purpose, which is to educate children of various ages.

Micro franchises

If your dream is to have a well-structured company, the micro franchise market is a great idea. It is also an excellent investment for those who do not have much entrepreneurship knowledge.

The investment for this type of market should be, on average, about 50 thousand reais. Among all the ideas we will present here, this one has the highest investment.

It is also noteworthy that before seeking investment, it is interesting that investors seek information about the company, the market and profit. After all, nobody wants to start a business that is doomed to failure, right?

Pet market

Even with the ups and downs of the economy, the pet market is still in full swing. And this has an explanation: Brazil is in 4 ° in the ranking of the countries that have the most pets.

And you know what is better? There are several establishments that enter the segment, such as:

  • Specialty Shops
  • Pet shops
  • Product Brands
  • Pet food
  • Veterinary Clinics

pet shop


Another great profitable business idea for next year is open a coaching company. It is a market that is growing at full speed and the tendency is to continue on the rise.

Coaching, whether personal and professional, seeks to help people achieve their life goals. On 2015, the industry owes an estimated revenue of over 2 billion dollars. Any doubt this is an excellent bet?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing, basically, is a business that builds your authority by selling and advertising products from digital producers. It is a sector that has also been growing a lot and that should not stop developing in the coming years.

However, it is noteworthy that to get into this segment head on, it is essential to study hard about marketing, optimization, traffic and advertising. It's no use being an affiliate without understanding these issues. Otherwise, you will not grow.

digital marketing industry

Beauty and technology

Even during the crisis, the beauty and technology market continues to grow. After all, which man and woman don't have to look at their eyes all month? Therefore, in 2020 the market will remain hot.

The idea is to invest in items that combine beauty and technology. It is recommended that make-up and other beauty products come with that "something else" to make life easier for the consumer.

What is not lacking is innovation in the beauty and technology market. Therefore, he could not miss our list. After all, opportunities are not lacking for the segment.

Hope you enjoyed our lucrative business tips for 2020. Now it's up to you! Choose the one that best fits your entrepreneur profile and invest for good profits.

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