Give up. You can also

Give up. You can also
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Inside your head is the possibility of giving up?

You can confess that we are here just you and me: How many times, just to think of giving up anything, you soon experienced a strange sensation, almost a shame?

Reacting, you quickly shook the idea away and tried harder still at what he was doing. So he recovered.

Is it?

Is not giving up one of your alternatives any more? Will we have to move on, in spite of everything and everyone, including ourselves?

Is giving up is wrong?


And if it is not always so, so damnable?

This text intends to explore some moments when giving up can be an alternative and the best.

It wants to make room for the choice withdrawal be another weapon in the arsenal of coping with difficult situations.

Want to release you from weight of a pre-judgment and install the focus in a more objective way, so that the vision can be more ... improved.

Top the challenge?

Give up. You can also 1

Come on!

1. Purpose, reason, reason

Do for doing, keep for keep, stay for stay.

When, whatever it is, it does not return us any more sense, it is the moment to seek the letter of to give up in the pack.

Give up. You can also 2

Examine your work, your profession. He found in his tasks many, many, many moments of enormous boredom and dissatisfaction.

Did we get here together? ... Well, let's go.

But…. even in these moments there may be a what to persevere

A feeling, not so hidden, that it is worth it and this value is not, to a large extent, associated with the money.

1. Be it for the accomplishment achieved previously and still taste nescauzinho.

Give up. You can also 3

2. Whether for the possibility of future realization, with the smell of sparkling wine.

3. Whatever it is, there is one touch of interest and you realize.


there may be no more touch. Everything may have lost its vibration and become only: boredom, boredom, displeasure.

When you find out, you can go pulling that card from your deck.

2. Severe or mild suffering.

Difficult is the greatness of suffering. Is it in milliliter of tears, in decibels of sobs, or in watts of heart?

If what is done imposes on us suffering and we maintain the situation, everything leads to believe that the burden will be disproportionate.

The cost versus benefit ratio will be so affected that it will be more like the seesaw game, where the players play a weight difference between them of the order of many kilograms.

Image result for seesaw with fat

For this reason, if you have found that you are suffering, or if you are causing someone ... You have drawn the letter!

3. Progress, progress, progress or result equal to zero

A lot of effort, lots of different techniques, grounded opinions, studies and inspiration.

None of this makes progress. Worse; there is stagnation or even regression.

He examined here and there, set up cause and effect matrix, made recovery plans and, by all means, nothing works out for a long time.

Give up. You can also 4

What is one good time to work out? It's not very easy to determine, it's on.

However, in the beginning, when the business started, there was a notion, an idea, even if it was crude, that in some time the result would come.

Is it past much of that time and nothing? So…. pick up the letter

4. Misaligned values

There was some change in the environment, in the culture, in your understanding, and what was problem-free happened to clash with what you understood to be acceptable, correct, or ethical.

Maybe you did not know when it began, by unpreparedness or naivety, which gives, to some extent, the same place.

What you do find, in fact, is that staying on is contrary to what you value and believe most.

And to price this continuity is painful.

Give up. You can also 5

5. Obsolescence

It has gone unnoticed by you that many changes have occurred in convergence and even in collision rhythm.

There was a strong explosion, and the sparks were born of pupils of activities, of professions, of labor and social relations. However, you did not read properly.

In short: what you do, or the way you do, or the set do not hold for much longer.

It has been overcome or there is simply no longer anyone who is interested in exchanging it for currency.

Looking ahead then ... the scenery is even more disheartening.

Remember the mimeograph? Yeah…


Taking the card in 3, 2, 1.

To close

Here we go through some situations where giving up is an alternative.

We examine moments, contexts in which to stay is totally disastrous and we can yes allow us to stop.

After all, you may as well give up.

But ... we keep the icing on the cake for the end and this is the time for you to taste without fidalgos.

Withdrawal is a reorientation.

It is like that "y" of the railways where the trains take, from it, a new sense.

Give up. You can also 6

It is the moment when deciding not to continue, we will be free to explore other initiatives, other dreams, other flavors that can restore the taste of celebration and the spell of champagne.

It is the passport to a new chance to succeed.

Give up. You can also 7

What's up …

put the card in the pack for another challenge?

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  1. That's Helder, it's not always necessary, important or the way to go. The biggest difficulty is to be able to identify the moments when we are being stubborn and we should have changed course and when we are giving up too soon and we must persist a little more

  2. I really liked the idea of ​​this text about addressing a topic that people often tend to ignore or advise the complete opposite with a "never give up" attitude.
    I even had times when I knew it was something I did not want, but for stubbornness I persisted.
    Where in the end, when I gave up, I ended up feeling much better.


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