How is your financial life?

How is your financial life?
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Personal finance: 5 tips to not get in the red, or at least, try!

You are the type that has a career, develops projects, carries out its activities responsibly, efficiently, is seeking continuous growth, and therefore does not have much time to carefully personal finances?

Some of these professional life needs such as being well presented, attending different places, replacing devices often and invest in travel are part of this routine?

It is possible that much of your resources are compromised. So far, nothing more. However, it is important to know the actual volume of your spending by dividing it by sectors of your life. There are those basic, such as housing, keep the household bills, health expenses or training, clothes, shoes, car, and those who look like they are smaller and we invest without realizing how much impact over the month.

Know your expenses in detail

How is your financial life?

The first tip is to relate everything you spend in the month, basic, necessary and also what you may consider superfluous. Assemble a spreadsheet for this; assess whether expenses are tied with your revenue; if this happens the signal is yellow and it is advisable to change some attitudes.

If the expense exceeds your income, you may be paying for this life more than you think, since the interest on credit cards and overdraft are exorbitant. The ideal is to change immediately.

Rethink what and how you are spending

How is your financial life?

You are not what you have or consume, as much as there is pressure in the corporate world - as indeed in all tribes - for your members to adopt certain standards and attitudes. It is worth rethinking what matters to you and the goals you set for your life.

There is a phrase that mothers usually say when you take a low note and justify that everyone has also been wrong in the test: You are not everyone! Remember this: you do not have to be equal to your peers, you do not have to consume what everyone consumes just to feel "of" the group.

How is your financial life?

Keep away from temptations

If you are the impulse buyer, be very careful. Avoid the common pitfalls that will only make your budget even more compromised. A colleague will buy new equipment and call some more to accompany him; this can generate a euphoria, sensation of pleasure and in the excitement you can end up also buying.

Another trap is the liquidations that promise extraordinary prices and suddenly we are there experiencing and buying things that we definitely do not need now. Did you forget that the seller knows the techniques well and was trained to involve you and convince you? Yeah.

How is your financial life?

Watch who you walk with

Most of us had a college group that always went out together to drink. Suddenly one of the guys decided to marry, and of course he turned away from those meetings. Was it wrong? Was that right? Or have you simply defined some different projects and other priorities? Certainly he will spend living with other couples because they will be experiencing similar experiences and achievements.

So, ask yourself if what you are up to is different from what you are doing today with the people you are relating to now. A group that has a very quiet financial life that allows you many expenses may not be the best company for you while your finances are not balanced. Of course you will not abandon them, after all are your partners, just look at the frequency of these meetings.

Separate a portion of what you earn

How is your financial life?

How much you get per month does not matter. Believe. What you have to keep in mind is that saving / investing is a habit, and of the good ones! If you rationalize that at the moment you can not separate anything to save because the expenses are many or because you still have not got that promotion, I already tell you: waiting for the perfect moment is perfect for those who do not want to change.

Everyone needs to have a reservation and I'm not talking about difficult times, even to invest in a new and challenging project you will need resources! Consider also part of the bonus you earned, the 13, the IR back, all of that is part of your revenue group! Do not go sabotaging yourself, huh!

Besides, what I can say is that changing is never very easy because it means giving up something. It will only be up to you to decide whether you should be constantly worried about the overdrawn card, the overdraft, the interest; or if it is time to apply in your personal life some of that knowledge of financial management.

In fact, these concerns can affect your day to day, your productivity may drop, irritability appears when you least expect it and the quality of sleep worsens.

The turn of the year is almost there, draw a plan to not spend more time in the red!

Go ahead.

Good Luck!

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