The importance of digital inclusion in the elderly

The importance of digital inclusion in the elderly
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After a quick scanning phase, the world now lives a moment of digital inclusion in old age.

At present, the number of older people who begin to use the Internet and connect through the network has been growing well above the level of digitalization of other age groups.

According to a survey, while the number of Brazilians generally connected to the Internet grew by 100% in recent years, this rate was 1000% among Internet users of the elderly.

This is very positive for people, but it is a good point that requires some adaptations and preparations. Check out which ones!

What is digital inclusion in old age?

One is very foolish who thinks that inclusion in senior citizens is just putting a cell phone or computer with an internet connection in the hands of an elderly person.

On the contrary: only doing this will alienate the person from the internet because he will not understand very well how things work, what to do and will be discouraged trying to use the resource again.

Digital inclusion is only complete when accompanied by digital literacy for the elderly. That means, in practice, teaching how the internet works, what the dangers and benefits are, how to use every feature and application available.

With this, the third-age Internet user can participate in Internet and digital age resources (like the computer, software and others) just like anyone else and will, in fact, be included in the online environment.

Consequences of digital literacy for the elderly

Digital inclusion for the elderly is a phenomenon that generates a series of consequences, not only for the person and their The importance of digital inclusion in the elderlyas well as to the society that surrounds them.

Some of these consequences may be negative, but most are positive. Check it out!

Better quality of life

For the elderly, digital inclusion brings quality of life. The person can, finally, enjoy the positive parts of the internet, which has brought a lot of convenience that the public that is already accustomed to it does not even notice.

For example, it is much easier to order food or any other type of product over the internet than by telephone, catalogs or other systems.

In addition, the elderly gain a very interesting safety net. We will talk more about this next, since the person in the third age has a way of communicating with physicians, lawyers and other professionals much greater.

More participation and communication

One of the benefits of the Internet is to facilitate people's participation and communication between them. Nowadays, for example, it is very easy to be present in discussions or conversations, either by WhatsApp, Facebook or any other platform.

For the elderly, this means having more access to other groups, whose contact is not so close, especially old friends.

Business Opportunities

The more people are online, the more opportunities e-commerces and service providers who rely on the internet to find customers.

For these types of business, digital inclusion in senior citizenship is excellent news, especially since seniors are among the most likely to pay a higher value for a product on the internet.

Therefore, this inclusion means a tree of business opportunities, especially if made specifically for the elderly.

For example, there is a large market for computer classes or to teach important Internet resources to this audience.

In addition, there are opportunities for social networks targeted to the elderly and other types of applications and services specific to them.

Fraud risks

However, not everything is flowers when we talk about digital inclusion of the elderly. Despite all the work that explains the concepts of the Internet, the space for fraud is enormous.

It is at this point that lawyers must prepare to take action and win new clients if they are willing to specialize in the senior citizen segment.

For this, they will need a good legal software to assist them in control of legal proceedings and customer management for lawyers.

Such software can better organize the different cases that arise from digital inclusion and resolve issues more quickly and quickly.

How to promote digital inclusion in the elderly

If you have a senior in the family and would like to help this person learn how to surf the Internet, check out our 5 tips on how to achieve this:

1) Explain the Importance and Benefits

No one will learn anything if they can not understand its usefulness or need. So the first step is to explain the benefits of digital inclusion.

Start by showing how you will benefit from using the Internet, how you can talk to friends, buy things, and be more independent.

2) Offer the tools for access

Then provide the senior citizen with the necessary tools for digital access, such as a smartphone or computer.

After all, without these tools it is impossible for digital inclusion to be realized. It is also important that the devices are for the exclusive use of the person, with risk of not wanting to use if it is not so.

3) Teaching the basics of systems

The next step, after clarifying the need and benefits of digital inclusion and providing the tools for it, is to teach the systems in question.

For this, it is easier to start with a smartphone, because its tactile command is more intuitive and simple to understand than the mouse system of a computer.

Also explain how the Internet works, what it is, and how to access websites, download applications, and other resources.

4) Let's try

Then it is important to let the person experience the Internet and create their own experiences without trying to force or direct.

Allow the senior to make the first purchases, access social networks and begin to familiarize himself with the new available resources.

5) Fix errors and clarify doubts

Keep yourself always around to be able to correct any mistakes that may be made and also clarify doubts that may arise.

This posture gives better results as it helps the person to learn, in trial and error, how things work.

As it turned out, digital inclusion for the elderly is a reality of the times and it is very important that everyone knows how to adapt to this scenario.

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