Does Feeding Affect Professional Income?

Food and Productivity
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This article was written by the partner of LUZ Nadia Cozzi, pscholar, consultant, culinarista and blogger.

The intense pace of the big cities, professional demands, with a thousand commitments, little leisure, zero rest, makes it increasingly difficult to cultivate healthy habits, not only food, but also in life.

This week I was listening to a conversation between 3 friends where one said she was so tired that she had taken the afternoon to relax, but besides not being able to, she felt guilty for not having done her daily tasks. The other friends agreed with her, saying that they also had the same problem.

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And in that lifestyle, if you can call it that, we end up leaving important things aside, and eating is one of them. ]

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It is common not to have more fixed times for meals and to substitute real food for sandwiches, soft drinks, cookies, snacks, snacks etc.

Food and health go hand in hand, and when health does not go well, everything gets hampered.

Whatever the activity to be exercised, to work satisfactorily, it requires intelligence, efficiency, reasoning, disposition, concentration, memory and physical conditioning.

Whoever commands this whole gear is the brain, which needs breaks for rest and a good source of energy, coming from a balanced diet and quality. Making an analogy to the fuel we put in the car, bad fuel, bad performance, is not it?

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Therefore ultraprocessed foods, stuffed with sodium, sugars and hydrogenated fats, bring reduction in muscle strength, physical and mental fatigue, fatigue.

Nutrient does not come in sachets or flashy packaging, comes from fruits, vegetables, vegetables, meats, grains and cereals. With the right nutrients, more tranquility, hours of sleep and relaxation, the brain stays attentive, active and creative.

And it is not just the brain, a correct diet, it influences the mood, the decisions, the functions of the body and consequently the professional performance.

Each activity requires an amount of energy

The amount of energy needed should be measured according to the physical effort required for each task, as well as factors such as gender, climate, age, and others.

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A balanced diet takes into account the type of work, personal habits and tastes, brings energetic gains, emotional tranquility and a good functioning of the organism as a whole. Therefore, we are different beings, each with their needs, distrust of standardized diets or menus.

People who work with attention, concentration and memory need foods like grape, strawberry, peach, kiwi, tomato, apple, onion, spinach, cinnamon, seeds and grains. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

productivity and food at work - fruits

Remember, prefer organic foods, since agrochemicals only do good for those who sell and for the pharmaceutical industries.

Foods rich in omega 3, fatty acids and vitamin B such as fish, vegetables, legumes, nuts and grains should be daily options for anyone who works with quick thinking.

One important information, captive salmon has no omega 3, nor is all that beauty that the food industry announces. read The Salmon industry and damage to health and environment. Prefer fish like sardines and mackerel.

Those who use a lot of physical strength should avoid long intervals between meals and opt for foods rich in protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. All this helps to rebuild the muscles that undergo wear and tear while working.

Here, the perfect combination of rice and beans, rich in nutrients, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, fibers and proteins, fits very well. Add to that vegetables, meats and fruits and a full meal comes up.

productivity and food - rice and beans

In all cases it is important to remember the water, always hydrate yourself in abundance. Keep a bottle of water, preferably glass next to your desk, it is much easier to remember our great friend water.

Is there a relation between work accidents and poor diet?

Malnutrition affects the worker not only physically, affects his motor coordination, brings apathy, reduces attention, perception and creativity.

With the lack of time we opted for a fast food with almost zero nutritional value, we only kill the hunger, but we do not nourish our body.

A little organization and we can prepare nutritious, tasty and easy to get to work.

    • Fruits like: banana, grape, pear, guava, tangerine, apple, orange, plum, kiwi, and many others already come in the packaging realized?
    • Carrots and cucumber on sticks are great options for that out-of-the-ordinary fominha, just like dried fruits.
    • In the restaurant opt ​​for more salads, grills and dessert fruits.
    • As we said in the previous article "The environment in which we feed influences productivity", o comfort, tranquility and relaxation at mealtime can not be ignored.

Ten steps to proper and healthy eating

  1. Make food in natura or minimally processed food basis.
  2. Use oils, fats, salt and sugar in small amounts by seasoning and cooking food and making culinary preparations
  3. Limit the consumption of processed foods.
  4. Avoiding the consumption of ultraprocessed foods
  5. Eat regularly and with care, in appropriate environments and, whenever possible, with company

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  7. Make purchases at places that offer in natura or minimally processed food varieties
  8. Develop, exercise and share culinary skills
  9. Plan the use of time to feed the space she deserves
  10. Give preference, when away from home, to places that serve meals made on time
  11. Be critical about information, guidelines and messages about food served in commercial advertisements.

Source: Food Guide for the Brazilian population

In closing, it is important to be critical about what you consume as food. As the Food Guide points out, remember that real food has no advertising, since "the essential function of advertising is to increase the sale of products, not to inform or, even less, to educate people. Critically evaluate what you read, see and hear about food in commercial advertisements, and encourage others, particularly children and young people, to do the same. "

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