Applications to increase productivity and improve management at work

Apps to increase your productivity and management at work
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In view of the fact that many business markets today seek to achieve the three pillars of growth and success - Leadership, Productivity and Management -, many companies have sought to improve their production and achievements.

Therefore, investing in issues involving productivity and management at work have been increasingly common on the part of organizations.

And, as we know, the more hardworking / dedicated employees are in their respective functions, the better the results applied in action. 

However, how to evaluate this, how to monitor each individual and how to organize their activities and achievements? 

Technologies - Applications

Today, thanks to technologies, we have at our disposal countless apps to use, being able to offer solutions for all (or almost all) of our needs, right?  

And when we talk about involving productivity and management at work in one thing, does it really exist?

Yes, it certainly exists! And that is why we have separated in this article 6 really useful applications that will serve precisely these questions!

You can be sure that they will help you to increase productivity and improve work management. Look!

1 Whatsapp

Currently WhatsApp has stood out in the world as the most important application for communication, with a lot of recognition for its efficiency in encrypting conversations and video calls.

For this reason, several companies have chosen to use it for the purpose of creating an easier channel of communication, bringing teams together and holding meetings with greater security. 

In addition, due to its popularity, several programmers have released parallel versions that use open source to assign new features not yet used in the official application.

A great example is the FmWhatsApp, which offers tools capable of hiding content that you receive from contacts or groups in the gallery of your cell phone.

In addition to this, there is also the Whatsapp gb which has customization tools such as changing the color palette, themes, as well as several font options.

2. SurveyMonkey 

If you are one of those employees responsible for wanting to know how the team's professional development is going, SurveyMonkey can help you with that.

This is because this application is able to optimize and receive real-time questionnaires that can be sent on the most diverse platforms, such as social networks, for example. 

3. Oitchau

Oitchau is a super dynamic national application with tools that value safety at work. 

In it you are able to record appointments in a virtual agenda, track your employees via GPS and make records of your working hours.

4. GuideBayment

Another national app that joins our list is GuiaBolso, a super simple and intuitive app for you to be able to control earnings and expenses of your company.

In it you can create portfolios in which you can add and subtract values ​​from your stocks, separating them by categories to find out in what ways these stocks were made.

5 Trello

Trello is an application whose main focus is the use in startup However, it is not limited to just that niche, but also serves to maintain and organize the corporate tasks of any company.

One of its biggest highlights today is the possibility of assisting management in organizing and monitoring the activities of each member of the company, in addition to adding deadlines and information linked to applications of your choice with divisions by degrees of priority.

6. Can go

This application is the only one on our list that we recommend using in an internet browser, as it is focused on graphic production.

So, for example, if you need to make presentations to take your company or even assemble charts that show eventual weekly and monthly performances, Canva will be the application that will give you the most varied options for you to do this. 

In addition, something that can also be quite relevant is its function of being able to calculate the proportions of what you are producing in centimeters and pixels. 

Final considerations

We can conclude that, although there are several types of applications on the market, if observed with due attention, it will be possible to find great options that offer incredible and extremely useful functions for increase productivity and improve management at work - especially if they serve to help, reinforce and value the efforts of each member within companies.

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