The 10 Best Packaging in the World

The 10 Best Packaging in the World
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"Do not judge a book by its cover"

Popular saying

I believe that this is one of the most outdated dictates in the world, and in the age of information and the economy of attention, this phrase leads many micro and small businesses to go the wrong way.

Why officially judge the book by its cover?

You would not value a company that presents business cards beautiful Do not you select fruits by putting aside the kneading? Congratulations! You already judge books by their respective covers! We do not have time to read all the books and posts or see all the products. At LIGHT, for example, we receive 20 to 30 newsletters every day. Do you think you have time to read everything? No! We judge the post by the title and first 2 lines and if it does not interest, even more ...

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But why do everyone judge products by what they see?

Very simple, there is not enough time to see everything! In a great book called "The paradox of choice", or Dr. Barry Schwartz and his colleague analyze the behavior and decision making of the consumer facing a large number of options.

Their findings are that in a local supermarket that offers 230 different types of soup, 175 salad dressings and 6,5 millions of combinations to assemble their own sound equipment, the human being becomes paralyzed. Often it stops buying and, worst of all, it is still dissatisfied with its choice, because it is always questioned if the product that was next would not be better.

He saw that a product that is extremely innovative in the way it presents itself is much more likely to succeed because it achieves what is most valuable and difficult to get today from a possible client: attention.

We see many micro and small business owners who say that only what matters is the quality of the product, but this is not true! You need to attract the consumer, convince him to buy, taste and spread the good news. (this without you being there!).

Now that we explain the "theory", let's open our heads with examples in practice!

1. Ice Coffee - Nescafé

Nescafe Packaging

The merit of this packaging was to make it useful for storing and using the product. Lesson number 1 of the cases is: when possible, give your package so much value that it will become a tool and not a disposal immediately.

2. Ice Cream Bobblers

ice cream cup bobblers

Based on what we know of children, does it influence your willingness to buy the ice cream to know that it will become a toy? This is another great example of packaging that will see something else later.

3. Pistachio Packing

pistachio packing

My relationship with this package was love at first sight. I always mess up my table with a pistachio shell and this designer was able, with a simple and smart solution, to put a garbage built into the product. Engineer comment: the packaging is still in a format that provides storage and transportation!

4. Fresh and Easy Taste Water

fresh and easy packaging

I confess that the concept of water with taste of another liquid does not attract me, but this packaging refreshes just by looking! A beautiful example of design simplifying our life and making it more beautiful. It does not take much writing when one image says it all.

5. Tea Hanger

Packing Hanger Tea

The packaging of drinks (especially teas) are very creative. This one is very innovative and, again, not just cute. Hanger (the name of the company) in English is the word "hanger". Very suggestive indeed!

6. Panasonic

Panasonic Packaging

Looking from afar is not so easy to say, but that musical note in the middle is a phone. This was another great balcony!

7. milk

Milk Carton

This is the best example we find to show the difference that makes a different product on the gondola. The other milks close to that look even dirty.

8. Splitting Adam

This band decided to innovate and made a CD cover very different from the status quo. It is noteworthy that "Splitting Adam" means "dividing (or separating) Adam". Makes sense?

9. Suco Boxes

Juice Packaging

These juices are cool in their shape and vivid colors! Very good!!

10. New York Spaghetti

nyc spaghetti packaging

Nothing better than portraying your city with one of your postcards. This pack of spaghetti is memorable! Now, let's face it, the challenge is to find a pot to cook the whole pasta.

The 3 lessons we learned from 10 packaging

1. Just say the least and most important.

2. Understand your audience and communicate what they want to hear, not what you want to talk about.

3. Make your packaging overflow with your brand's personality and concept, and, where possible, make it more than one package.

Did you like the post? Did you find better packaging? Do you have any doubt? As the Good people would say, speak, speak, speak! We are here to help!

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  1. I just met a very interesting site to conduct opinion polls. The site is called PopUnpop -

    On this site you can register People, Companies, Places and Products to give a note.

    From the notes received, a ranking of the most popular and unpopular in the world is created.

    It is worth knowing and putting these products to be ranked by the.

  2. Letícia,

    You're right! Netshoes / zappos and wedologos / 99designs are other examples of similar overseas businesses arising in the discussions.

    We at Luz not only respect, but we encourage these benchmarks. The important thing is to be able to copy the generic parts of the model (in this case a product with added social and environmental value) and bring values ​​of their culture (coconut water and gallon matte) to complete the proposal.

    To see other businesses that are likely to come to Brazil in a few months or years we suggest:

    Thanks for the comment!


  3. I loved ...
    Just a comment: I love "Do Bem", but it's obviously inspired by Innocent Drinks products (

  4. Jeferson,

    Our greatest motivation for writing is to add value to our readers. I am very happy with your comment, if you have any questions, suggestions or criticism just talk!

    Be officially welcome to LUZ's Blog, Consulting Store!


  5. Amon, what a pleasant surprise!

    Great references, really these teas are very good. And good description on the issue of packaging and branding as well. The more we study these examples, the more impressed we are at what everyone is creating around the world.

    To the next!


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  8. Newton,

    Once again I opened our blog and saw a comment its fantastic! Thank you very much for the feedback, you can be sure that we will continue, and always bring up themes and examples that are increasingly interesting.

    To the next!

    Strong hug,

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