Best social media tools to grow your business in 2020

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Discover some of the best social media tools that can save you work and allow you to better manage your marketing strategies.

To be present in the virtual environment, your company needs to rely on social media tools that allow you to better monitor business performance and offer resources that help you achieve your goals.

It is worth saying that it is useless to use the best tools if you do not invest in the visual identity of your company and your posts.

Allied to them it is possible to use the logo design service which will give greater notoriety to the business by attracting attention visually.

Learn about some resources that can be used to expand business and be present on social media.

Best social media tools

Sprout Social

This is a very current tool that allows you to monitor different metrics and ensures better management.

With it you can follow different reports, choose hashtags and keywords to be followed and schedule publications on different social networks.

Sprout Social allows more than one project to be monitored simultaneously and creates different levels of authorization for users.

Google Analytics

This is perhaps one of the best known tools to manage in the online universe, being widely used for blogs and websites.

In the case of social networks, Google Analytics ends up playing a slightly different role, as it will let you know which networks are guaranteeing more traffic to your pages.


Cyfe is widely used for those who need to manage different social networks simultaneously, as it has dashboards that facilitate this task.

With the use of tables it is possible to follow different metrics of social networks, such as likes and dislikes in each post. In this way it is possible to analyze what is not generating the expected result.

The free version already offers quite interesting features, such as reports and the use of tables that allow you to manage and monitor strategies.


This is a great tool for anyone who wants to know what's going on in their niche market and what their competitors are doing.

With it it is possible to know what has been posted on blogs and other channels and keep up to date, using this information, including, to develop your strategies.

It is also possible to share the content that was presented to you, allowing partnerships to start.


This is one of the social media tools for those who do not have many resources to spend on design, but want to publish quality content and with a pleasant layout.

It already has some pre-made models for social media that allow some adjustments to be more personalized.

For those who do not know how to use it is possible to have free tutorials that teach all the steps.


This is a tool that allows you to monitor how much your brand is capable of influencing a given social network.

For this, it makes a survey of the amount of citations and interactions performed. Based on the reports, it is possible to know which content or strategies were most effective and how your brand is being seen.

We know

Those who are not yet present on all social media platforms should do a search to identify which names are present.

Ideally, all networks should be found with the same name. To do this, see which ones are available.

The search made by Knowem allows this search and, if you wish, you can even register; however, that last part is paid.


Os videos are increasingly present on social networks and are increasingly seen, so if you don't know how to create them, this tool helps.

At Powtoon it is possible to create animated presentations that are transformed into videos, even by those who do not have much skill. To do this, just follow the tutorial.


MLabs is a very complete tool that brings together different resources and aggregates several social networks.

It has a panel so that everything is organized in a visual way and allows you to monitor reports, generate metrics, make posts and even respond to messages in a single location.

It is typically used by agencies that include more than one user and allows clients to follow up.

To achieve manage everything that is published and follow up with the use of reports, social media tools are very useful. Take advantage of them and don't forget to use the logo design service to have a visual identity in addition to assertive strategies.

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