Start Tendencies Black Friday and digital marketing on 2019

Black Friday and digital marketing on 2019

Black Friday and digital marketing on 2019?

The origins of "Black Friday" are diverse, a little confusing, but trying to simplify we can say that, was a way found by American retailers to sell during the period of the Thanksgiving, Wednesday Thursday of November, and Natal. A Black Friday and digital marketing go together.

It is a period that companies take to sell various products with discounts, some with incredible discounts, but it also serves to deceive consumers. In the US, huge queues are often formed by people who want to buy certain products at 50%, 70% or more in discounts.

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Consumers during TV promotion.

Black Friday in Brazil

The first Black Friday in Brazil officially took place on 2010. This year only online stores participated, no physical company made content available in their stores.

In 4 years, according to the consultancy conducted by E-Bit, Black Friday generated movements in the amount of R $ 1,2 billion, that only with online sales, at that time corresponded to 3% of total online sales in the Brazil.

There are no regulators * for Black Friday promotions, any company can use the term and create campaigns about any product and / or service, and it is up to the customer to find out if the values ​​have been made up or not.

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On 2013, with record sales, Black Friday got a title, say, not very cool. After research indicated price changes on 21% of products, consumers pointed to the opportunity as "Black Fraud", a term used to date for some campaigns.

To prevent fraud, consumers have price tracking apps in addition to the famous websites that already manage them.

Black Friday and Digital Marketing

Black Friday and digital marketing on 2019?

As Black Friday arrived in Brazil through online means, it became a symbol of purchases through the web, so digital marketing “controls” the campaigns of this period. You should be tired of seeing how many ads are on social networks and websites, and it's normal.

In this period, web searches with the term "Black Friday" grow more than 300%, ie a full plate for companies that create marketing campaigns in this period.

Your company can take advantage of create campaigns, capture contacts on social networks to remarketing and publicize your products and / or services with more definition, after all who searched the term will receive specific content for it.

On several platforms targeted campaigns were created, mainly by already recognized online stores, such as: and

Want to know how digital marketing really works in the market and leverages it? Give it a read in this Pereira's article.

Due to the high rate of mobile phones in our country, about 230 million handsets, campaigns targeting Black Friday are mainly targeted at electronic gadgets, followed by appliances and beauty products.

All industries participate in campaigns during this time, and it's common for the same YouTube video to have more than one Black Friday campaign. It is also common for store apps to start intensifying campaigns to increase downloads and thus have a much larger customer base.

Will your company participate in Black Friday campaigns? Have you bought this promotion period and regret it? Tell us, leave your comment 😉

Hugs and see you soon.

* Period-specific agencies, Procon reviews and creates lists of e-commerce that are not “honest” with buyers.

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