Start Tendencies Buying Persona: How to create characters?

Buying Persona: How to create characters?

Buying Persona _ How to create characters?

Motoboy, cocoboy, agroboy, cowboy ... Beatnik, hippie chic, thug, moleque piranha ... Emergent, neo poor, hipster, chicleteiro ... Labeling is also an exercise in marketing, is easy. Humanizing stereotypes is something else, it's more difficult.

So, "this summer I decided to do something different." I decided to make a post which will not bring a specific profile, will have no gall. O post today will attempt to explain to the loyal reader of the column how to develop the skills to become a builder of buying people.

What are Buying People?

Before you start your marketing plan, you need to understand your potential customers. In the old days, we market segments and your demographics.

Nowadays, any slice that we can get from a market segment, we will see a range of very different people. For example, men of 18-25 years, middle-upper class, inhabitants of metropolis.

Just by this description, we can not get it if they are potential customers of a sports store.

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When we talk about personas, we try to put together a more complete profile than the stereotype of one or more potential customers of a brand.

See the difference between persona and target audience:

  • Target Audience - Men from 18 to 25 years old, single, middle or high class, sportsmen.
  • Person - Pedro had 22 years and had the dream "enrustido" of the majority of Brazilians to be soccer player. Although he has failed to perform, every week he plays a religious nerve with his friends at work. Today he studies administration at a major college and intends to work with sports marketing. He cheers for a great team from São Paulo but also follows the Champions Cup. In fact, although he is not an accomplished practitioner, Pedro is a great admirer of any sport. It consumes brands like ESPN, Nike, Adidas, Heineken, Red Bull.

buying people

The creation of personas is an integral part of branding a company.

Tips for raising people

They are not rules, but tips that I deem valid. Since there are many links below. It is well worth exploring. So I suggest you take a few minutes of the holiday to read this post calmly. Let's go to the tips:

#1. Always be a flâneur

That is, develop the habit of walking through the city with the conscious intention of experiencing it. Whoever observes the world with curiosity always enchants and discovers much more. We recommend the videos of + JoanJimenez to understand the poetry of watching the city, especially the video of Tokyo.

#2. Make Notes

A good few years ago, the Moleskines are back. Indiana Jones wore, Jon Bon Jovi wears, Yamê Reis has very interesting tips how to take advantage of them. Write down what you see. Write about what you think. Record the characteristics of the audience you observe, the behaviors and speeches that appeal to you most. Believe me, these will be insights important futures.

#3. Chat with people

Any place is place to understand more about each other. A bank queue, a company on the bus, a taxi run. Pull up chat, find out about the other, get out of the charming and colorful world of your smartphone, please. There is no need for an in-depth interview, nor an ethnographic account. Just chat and learn to listen more to the people close to you.

If you do not want to talk quietly, listen to parallel conversations and find out a lot too.

#4. Build an 'Empathy Map'

Try to perceive the world through the eyes of your buying character, who is nothing more than your current or potential client.

Buying Persona: How to create characters? 1

#5. Follow a simple script

Gender, age group, schooling, income, family characteristics, occupation, interests, relationships. All of these are basic topics for analysis on a buying character, reflect on them. One tip: always work on the paradoxes of your characters as they are interesting for a better understanding of the 'Empathy Map'.

#6. Place under the spotlight

Once the demographic profile of your character is plotted, put it under even analysis. Think about your behavior, posture, attitudes, fun, day-to-day, shopping habits, etc. And so that the reader friend of the column does not miss the reviews we do weekly, I bring a careful and humorous video analysis of a typical cricket bug.

Obs.1: As Lulu Santos would say, "Do not take the character to bed, it can end up being fatal." Buying people help to delineate products and services, but serve as exercises, not as faithful portraits. They are purposely stereotyped and generalist.

Obs.2: Working with marketing is working on the frontier of the perception of human behavior. Do not be offended with archetypes, stereotypes, "herd effect", "maneuver masses", labels, use of strong paints etc. Up close, we're all unique. From a distance, from the height of critical detachment, we are all similar ants. Get on the plane and analyze without shame.

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  1. This sales character development exercise had a very good impact on the way we sell our services to Diverso.

  2. John and Fabiola, we were super happy with the comments. I hope we can always help whenever possible.

    Fabíola, as Karen mentioned, we are already working to build an e-learning platform and webinars.

    For now, follow the link from our Slideshare. _

  3. Hi Fabíola! Soon you will be able to enjoy the LIGHT even more! We intend to spread the lectures online. But while that does not happen, you can check the content of the lectures in slideshare.

  4. I want to leave a protest on behalf of all Paulistas who are eager to share this world of knowledge that Light provides !!!

    Is it possible to have access to lectures such as e-learning, for example?



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