Eating Out Affects Pocket and Productivity at Work

eating out is expensive and affects productivity
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By Nadia Cozzi, pscholar, consultant, culinarista and blogger.

The habit of eating out has been increasingly embedded in our daily lives, especially in large cities.

Feeding panorama of the Brazilian worker:

  • IBGE - the Brazilian spends about 25% of his income on food outside the home.
  • More than half of Brazilian workers eat lunch outside the home and 42% feel unwell and drowsy after a meal.
  • Research by Alelo, a card company of benefits such as food stamps, points out that of these people, 72% would change their eating habits, seeking healthier habits.
  • The Association of Bars and Restaurants (ABRASEL) estimates that the food sector outside the home represents, 2,7% of the Brazilian GDP.
  • Brazilian Association of Food Industries (ABIA) points out that this sector has grown at an annual average of 14,2%.
  • Research "Meal Assert Average Price 2017", by ASSERT (Association of Meal Companies and Food Workers' Agreement) together with the institute Data Sheet: In the Southeast, which represented 66,51% of the survey, with 27 cities surveyed, the average price of the complete meal (main course, non-alcoholic beverage, dessert and coffee) rose 7,5% in 2016, costing the worker R $ 33,25. See the complete picture with all regions.

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The costs for eating out are very high

Same in mAs a result of economic crisis such as the one we are experiencing, a large number of people still choose to continue eating out, either because of lack of time or because of practicality.

Few workers can pay R $ 33,25 daily as ASSERT study points out, there is no miracle, the quality of the meal falls, it is inevitable to choose by Fast-foods, cookies and snacks, which cheat the hunger, but bring a series of problems like obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, fatigue and lack of energy.

On the other hand, we have the opposite movement, more aware people, who know that food interferes with physical and emotional health, but the supply of this type of healthier food still leaves much to be desired, besides running into cost.

How to change this picture? The answer lies in the organization, in the planning.

How to resist variety of options, whether complete meals, snacks, snacks, salads, sweets, that aim to please the most demanding palates. Everything is there all the time, at hand, in restaurants, bakeries, snack bars, street vendors and supermarkets with their huge and colorful frozen food gondolas. And how to explain that despite so much food people are malnourished?

Well, the solution is at home, in organization, in planning. In the Company to achieve good results, we plan, organize, test. We have an agenda with the commitments to be fulfilled and we make a relationship of what it takes to make everything a success, is not it?

The house is the same thing, needs to be managed, managed. And, within the kitchen, deserves special attention, because if well planned it becomes a true "industry" producing health, well-being and clear economy.

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How to improve nutrition by reducing costs and increasing quality of work?

Have a good breakfast!

Nothing of that coffee gone, almost at the door with the key in hand. Wake up half an hour early and prepare your first meal: fruit, eggs, juice, yogurt, cheese, bagel with butter, coffee.

No middle of the morning eat a fruit: apple, pear, banana, grape, are great because it is already packaged by Nature. Prepare your body to have a productive day, empty stomach takes away the concentration and will make you overdo it at lunch.

Speaking lunch, no fatty and overdone meals, remember there is a whole afternoon of work ahead and all you do not need is sleep and cakewalk. A simpler meal with a grilled and a salad mountain, will make your body work better and will not hurt in your pocket. Pot salads that you can prepare at home and that last a week in the refrigerator may be a good choice.

Um coffee always helps to give that up, but do not overdo it, coffee in large quantities releases a hormone linked to stress, and there goes your serenity and clarity of thoughts.

Snacks you're always welcome when you hit that freak out of time, but discard the candy and cookies. The sugar is absorbed quickly, giving a sensation of euphoria, of energy, but then comes the feeling of tiredness and hunger. Make a mix of nuts, walnuts, raisins, apricots and place in small portions, are great for those moments of gluttony out of hours.

Water, too much water, often the feeling of hunger is actually thirsty. Always have a bottle of water on your desk. It moisturizes and helps your brain function better.

Plan your food as you plan your work at the Company. Do this a week and feel the difference in your disposition, creativity and clarity of thoughts and decisions.

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