How visual communication can streamline your business processes

How visual communication can streamline your business processes
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According to data demonstrated by the Sebrae, in visual communication Not only is it important for business process optimization, but also for increased sales.

After investing in the visual aspects of an organization, it can scale its actions from 12% to 40%.

But after all, what is visual communication? This questioning and other questions will be addressed in the text below, as well as the advantages this investment can offer to companies.

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The importance of visual communication

The human being is one of the few species that have the sense of sight. In our case, moreover, man is able to see a great deal of color and a good image definition, relatively speaking.

All this makes the communication that occurs through the image can capture much more attention of the person than simple or written messages. Therefore, companies that are able to identify and utilize this advantage are certainly taking a step forward from others.

Another important detail is that, through visual communication, an organization is able to perform various actions, such as:

  • Transmit the concept of the company;
  • Represent your vision and values;
  • Achieve greater prominence within a competitive market;
  • Inform the person reading about important information.

It is worth noting that the visual communication applied in companies does not need to be focused exclusively on customers. We'll look at these several features below:

1) Greater Visibility

Not surprisingly, visual communication is an important item in providing greater visibility for a company. That is, to put it in front of a world where people's vision is always so jammed with information.

In this way, a banner for beauty salonFor example, it may contain what are called primary elements of visual communication, which include the logo and other symbols that mark the establishment's brand.

Thus, thinking of images as a complement to a brand's visual identity, a beauty salon could use softer colors, such as pink or white tones, evoking sophistication (which should be passed on to customers) and even a certain femininity. , if the main consumer audience of the salon are women.

Such elements are much more effective at attracting people's attention than a beauty salon with a simple facade containing only the name of the establishment in white on a black background.

Moreover, having a well-developed visual communication is synonymous with credibility for a company. If a space with coworking meeting room, for example, has just entered the market and wants to give an image of safety and quality to its work, it is necessary that this venture has a well done logo facade (taking into account both the colors and the fonts used).

This makes consumers feel more comfortable knowing that new company in the market. After all, when we see an establishment on the street that has an almost faded facade, with confusing shapes and inappropriate colors, it is common to feel a certain strangeness, which shakes the confidence for that place.

2) Informational Character

On top of that, visual communication is a very important item to keep people well informed. What would supermarkets be without price tags or signs indicating where the products are?

Failure to help consumers by providing all the information they need to know through visual communication can be a huge hit for many businesses, which end up losing credibility within the marketplace.

To exemplify this reality, one can think of the case of totem passwords. This device is used in places that have call queues. Thus a password is withdrawn and when it comes someone's turn, this individual is called for something.

In malls, the use of totem poles is essential for cafeterias, because, due to the large flow of people within the space, it is virtually impossible to keep calling all customers to search for their orders. The lack of such a system can annoy consumers, driving them out of space.

Another case is the use of emergency signpost in residential, commercial or business buildings. They are used to communicate room personnel about important information such as emergency exits, fire extinguishers, first aid kit locations, and other essentials in the event of an accident.

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