Which is better to create personalized websites: agency or freelancers?

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Fortunately, in the Brazilian market there are more and more quality E-commerce platforms, so you can build your online store or website with low budget. However, as the templates are the same for everyone, you can create a personalized website and the image of your business may require other solutions.

So, so that you can have a final product more to your liking and totally personalized to your online business or project, you will have two solutions for building your website: hiring an agency or using one or more freelancers online.

In the two solutions presented, you will have the opportunity to request everything you need for your website or online store, meeting your needs. But which of these options is more viable, quick and affordable?

Hiring Freelancers to create your website

The first solution, so that you have a personalized website, and that meets your requests and requests, is to hire freelancers, which you can find on different platforms. In fact, there are more and more freelancers from all over the world, who are available to work on your project, making your talents and capabilities available to your needs.


On these platforms you will easily find web designers, WordPress experts or even creators of E-commerce stores from scratch. Once you find your potential collaborators, should follow a series of steps, so that you always know that you are hiring quality professionals:

  • Select freelancers according to their abilities
  • Analyze some works or the portfolio of these professionals
  • Give importance to notes and reviews given by other customers
  • Negotiate the final budget for each freelancer

Choose to hire a qualified agency 

If you have a broader budget for creating your own online store or website, you can always turn to several reputable, high-quality agencies that will ensure that the website has the features, tools and construction level you want.

Generally, in these agencies you will not have to have any kind of concern, either in the search for qualified professionals, nor for the budget you will spend up to your website is ready. This is because, unlike what happens with the solution of hiring freelancers, in the agencies, you will know, from the beginning, what are the prices for you to obtain the desired end result.

As with the freelancers option, get to know nowo some tips for you to choose the best agency possible for your online project:

  • Search and compare different agencies
  • Analyze in detail examples of websites or projects carried out by this agency
  • Ask for several quotes, trying to understand the real market value
  • Choose licensed agencies with solid results
  • Hire companies that offer the possibility to ask for reimbursement, in case of satisfaction

Comparison between Freelancer and Agencies: what is the best solution? 


Now better understanding these two options for creating a personalized website or online store, you should understand what are the main differences between hiring freelancers or choosing agencies. Only in this way will you understand exactly what the option that meets your needs, but also your budget, should be.

Differences when choosing Freelancers

When choosing to hire freelancers for the creation and completion of your website, you should be aware that you will, in most cases, hire different professionals online. In other words, you will have to take an active role in the entire process, managing the work that is being produced, but also managing the effective hiring of contracted professionals.

Thus, you will have to assume a managerial role in the entire project, as if you were the “responsible for the work”, which will be the creation of your website or online store. For example, if you feel that a web designer is delivering a job other than the one agreed, you should speak to the professional directly. This whole process may mean that you have to invest precious time.

However, another big difference when hiring freelancers is that, on average, you will be saving a lot of money. Like many of these freelancers are competing with thousands of other professionals, their prices tend to be very competitive, making this option profitable for the digital entrepreneur.

Differences when hiring an agency

On the other hand, when you are hiring an agency, specialized in creating websites, you will have more certainty and security than the work will be delivered well produced, as agreed. Without a doubt, if you have a bigger budget, or less time to manage professionals and the project, hiring the agency is your best solution.

However, and as has already been pointed out, you should take several precautions when choosing the perfect agency for your project. As you should do with freelancers, you should also ask agencies for examples of websites, online stores or projects they have recently done for other clients.

Only in this way will you understand the general quality of the work and the professionals who are producing your content and the online store. So, and very different from what happens with the freelancers hired, you will be hiring a service that will do all the management for you, having to deliver in the end the custom website you required. If not, you can ask for a refund of the investment.

The quality of building the website on E-commerce platforms

If you do not want to hire professionals or external agencies to create your project online, you will have a vast E-commerce platforms, website builders, that will allow you to create a professional, responsive, elegant and well-built website in just a few hours and with a reduced investment (between 20 to 100 reais per month).

Which is better to create personalized websites: agency or freelancers? 1

Fortunately, in the Brazil market, more and more E-commerce platforms are appearing that offer affordable monthly plans, at the same time that they provide tools and features that make it possible for you, without realizing programming or web designing, to create a website that meets your needs and the interests of your potential customers.

Discover the advantages of choosing a website builder

If the advantages you will have hire freelancers or an agency, also the positive aspects of E-commerce platforms make more and more Brazilian digital entrepreneurs choose to create their online businesses through these platforms.

Therefore, also get to know what are the main benefits you will find, if create your website or online store on an E-commerce platform:

  • Hundreds of templates to choose from - on the main platforms you will have hundreds of templates to serve as the basis of your website. These templates work as the basis of your website.
  • Adding applications - more than templates, you can add applications and tools to your website. Thus, you will have a more complete, dynamic and interactive website.
  • “Grab and stick” system - in fact, you won't need to understand programming or website building to create perfect web pages. You can edit and modify the pages with total ease-
  • Domain hosting and purchase system - on most platforms, the monthly fee includes hosting and even domain purchase for your website. Always be aware of the plans.
  • Construction and SEO assistance - generally the best E-commerce platforms help you to rank as best as possible on search engines like Google. You will be able to attract more organic traffic with this valuable aid.

What are the main E-commerce platforms in Brazil?

Even though more and more quality E-commerce platforms and website builders are appearing, the truth is that these are some of the most respected platforms used by digital entrepreneurs. The quality of your services can save you a lot of money when creating your website or E-commerce store:

  • Integrated store - is the largest E-commerce platform in Brazil, being entirely Brazilian. With affordable plans, you will have all the conditions to be able to create a quality and highly online store
  • Shopify - is the E-commerce platform with the most active online stores worldwide. Not only will you find templates that were made to create professional stores, but also tools that naturally increased the credibility and usability of your website.
  • Wix - at Wix you will have the tools to create an online store, but also your own website, which meets the expectations of your visitors or potential customers. It is one of the most accessible options on the market for you to put your professional website on the air, which you have always wanted.

In fact, in any of these options you will not only find professional templates, a complete dashboard, useful tools and strategies to improve your SEO, as well as teams of Brazilian professionals who will help you in all stages of the process.

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