Start Tendencies Digital accounts for companies: the best options!

Digital accounts for companies: the best options!

Digital benches

Check out our list of digital banks with the best cost benefit for companies, whether small, medium or large. 

However, before checking our list, better understand what a digital bank is.

What is a digital bank?

Digital banks are known in the financial market as fintechs.

Fintechs, most of the time, offer all the features of a traditional account, only digital, that is, customers have full autonomy to carry out their operations from wherever they are, through a Smartphone.

Another positive point of digital banks is that your rates and interest are much lower than the rates of traditional banks, in some cases they are non-existent. 

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Digital banks for companies

Best digital banks for companies

Check out our list below with four of the best digital banks to open a Legal Entity account for your company.


The first bank on the list is Agibank. Founded in 2018, the former Agiplan became one of the few digital banks with shares traded at B3 (Stock Exchange).

If you choose Agibank, you will have the following services for PJ:

  • Zero monthly fee;
  • Exclusive Mastercard credit card;
  • The first four DOC and TED operations carried out in the month for other banks are free;
  • The first four monthly payment slips are free;
  • It is also possible to make up to four free withdrawals per month on the 24Hours network;
  • In addition to two free withdrawals in lotteries per month.

NOTE: If you perform more than four operations per month, a fee of R $ 1,90 per operation is charged. This rule applies to both bills and transactions.

For withdrawals, the rate changes. For each withdrawal in excess, a fee of R $ 6,49 is charged at the Bancos24Horas network and R $ 3,99 at the lottery shops.

Banco Inter

The second bank on our list is Banco Inter. With services available since 2017 for companies, it is a bank that stands out from the rest when it comes to digital PJ account. 

The bank serves small professionals even large companies. However, before being a PJ client, it is necessary to have a physical account.

Inter has a free monthly fee for PJ customers in addition to the following options:

  • 100 free TEDs per month;
  • 100 free slips per month;
  • Receipt of values ​​via QR code at no cost;
  • It has an agreement with the main card brands active in the current market;
  • It is possible to make statements by period;
  • Offers automatic payroll services; 
  • It has card machine.

In relation to card machines, the rates are 1,8% for debit transactions and 2% for cash credit transactions. 

Neon Bench

The third bank on the list is Neon, founded in 2018, it also has a digital PJ account. It is worth mentioning that the account is more suitable for individual microentrepreneurs, small and medium-sized companies. 

The monthly fee is free and among the exclusive benefits are:

  • Zero annual fee on credit cards;
  • Attendance 24 hours;
  • Free virtual card.

It is important to inform that the fees charged vary according to the operation. See below:

  • For interbank transfers: R $ 3,50;
  • Issue of slips: R $ 2,90;
  • Withdrawals on the 24-hour network: R $ 6,90;
  • International purchases: 4% tax, plus tax.


Last and not least is Nubank. In the market since 2013, it is one of the most beloved banks in Brazil. Recently launched, in 2019, the PJ account, however, is still in the testing stages.

It is already known that the initial version of the account will be offered to some customers but everyone can express an opinion on the resources offered.

To participate in the test, you must be a partner in a small business and have a CNPJ. If you meet the requirements, just enter the company queue.

The initial account will have features similar to the Nu account for individuals as:

  • Free transfers to other banks and between Nubank accounts;
  • Payment of bills and taxes;
  • Deposits via boleto;
  • “Charge money” function.

As you have seen, there are several digital account options for your company. Analyze them all and choose the one that best suits your needs.

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