Digital Marketing for companies: why invest?

Digital Marketing For Companies: Why Invest?
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Nowadays, any company that aims to grow needs to be on the internet, no matter the size. And in this context, the digital marketing industry is a great ally.

After all, you can even be on the internet, but if it is not the right way, appearing to your target audience, your efforts will be of little use.

Thus, digital marketing emerges, which basically consists of a set of techniques and actions on the internet that aim to strengthen brands and attract more and more business!

Therefore, check below, in more detail, why you should invest in digital marketing and how it can help your company. Have a good reading!

Changes in the way of doing business

As you may know, over the years, the way of doing business has changed and more and more people are looking for products and services on the internet. It's fact.

Therefore, a company that has not yet migrated to the internet, is certainly behind its competitors that have already migrated. 

This is because the consumption habits of the population have changed, technologies continue to advance and if your business does not keep up with all of this, it will lose more and more space in the market.

So, why invest in digital marketing? What are the benefits of it for your company?

Digital Marketing For Companies: Why Invest?

1) Online presence

As already mentioned, your company needs to be on the internet! Whether with a website, a blog, on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) ...

The fact is: having an online presence, your company will be available to customers 24 hours a day! That is, the person will not have to wait for the store to open, for example, to buy something. Just access your website and make the purchase!

Therefore, the internet is the ideal environment for your business to be more visible to potential customers and, consequently, generate more sales and better results. 

2) Best cost-benefit

Invest in digital marketing it's much cheaper than investing in traditional media like TV, radio, newspaper, outdoors...

In addition, the return on digital marketing is greater, mainly due to the segmentation factor. 

For example, an advertisement for a particular brand on television can be seen by countless people, but how many of them will, in fact, be impacted? How many will have a real interest in the product / service? 

Many different people watch TV and therefore an advertisement is not always effective.

Now, in digital marketing, the situation is already different, as it is possible to better target campaigns and ads. 

For example, if your company sells personalized gifts, your ads will appear to users who are really looking for it, who are interested in buying these items.

And the same goes for services. For example, do you own a parking near Guarulhos airport. Soon, the campaign and ads will be targeted and viewed by users who are interested in traveling, who are looking for parking lots to leave the vehicle while they are at another destination.

And the best part: you can invest according to your budget. There is no need to spend “rivers of money” to invest in digital marketing. Just evaluate what will be most profitable for your company, ads, SEO, social networks, email marketing ... there are several options to choose from.

3) Help with your company's SEO

You ever heard of SEO? Does this acronym, translating, mean optimizations for search engines and what do these optimizations do? In short, they help your website get to the first page on Google, in the first results.

For example, if a user types in the Google search bar “business management tips” and your website talks about it and is well optimized, it will appear in the top positions.

And why is this important? Countless people don't access pages 2, 3, 4… on Google. So, if your site is on one of these pages, it is probably not being seen by most users.

Therefore, investing in a good SEO service for your website is essential to get better numbers, after all, your business will be found by more people and more easily.

And as SEO is a more technical and time-consuming job, you can look for a SEO consulting, for example, to help you evaluate, define and implement strategies for your site.

4) Attract more potential customers to your business

Of course, based on everything that has been said so far, you should already be concluding that investing in digital marketing attracts more potential customers to your business. And it's true.

After all, if you have people accessing your company's website / blog, interacting on social networks and reading marketing emails, the chances of them buying a particular product or service with you are pretty high, isn't it? So, I thought about it!

5) Measurement and analysis of results

Finally, another great advantage of investing in digital marketing refers to measurement and analysis of results.

In digital marketing there are several tools available and many of them provide metrics, data, insights and really useful and relevant information about your campaigns and results.

So, based on them, you can measure your work, the ROI (return on investment), evaluate what is working and what is not, and thus, optimize and refine your strategies to achieve your goals!

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