Which digital marketing trends were successful in 2020 and you should use in 2021

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Know the trends of digital marketing to bet and ensure good results for business.

The world is increasingly digitalized and the internet has been a very effective means of relationship with consumers. The point is that the digital medium is constantly changing and that is why it is necessary to keep up with digital marketing trends.

If your company always seeks to be up to date and use the strategies that are on the rise and bring results, know some of the digital marketing trends that you should use.

Artificial intelligence is one of the trends of digital marketing

A artificial intelligence it is present in different ways within digital marketing, and one of them is through Google Analytics that allows to better target campaigns.

The use of bots or robots is another point that gains notoriety. They learn more and more, make the relationship with the customer personalized and, often, humanized, which helps boost sales and improve service.

In addition, during the conversation with the bots it is possible to capture customer data so that they can move forward in the sales funnel.

For example, if you sell insurance, you can have a robot answer questions about common questions about how car insurance works.

If the lead wants to know the value of the insurance, you can capture the data, but you can provide a auto insurance price list that offers values ​​so that he has a sense of price.

Use of SEO as a strategy

O use of SEO it is increasingly necessary, especially when you want to appear in search engines and guarantee organic exposure.

For that, it will be necessary to be more attentive to the algorithms used by search engines to always improve SEO and thus be able to reduce costs with paid media.

Voice Searches

The use of voice searches is becoming more and more common. People search on their smartphones while driving or through voice assistants present in homes.

In order to achieve a good search positioning, it will be necessary to improve the SEO strategy, since the semantic structure used in this case is quite different from writing.

It will be necessary to produce more and more content that is simple and natural, that resembles the way of speech.

Use of WhatsApp

This communication tool is no longer a simple channel for individuals and has become a powerful marketing tool.

It is part of the digital marketing trends that should receive attention, because, in addition to allowing the relationship with customers for sales, they can be a channel of dissemination.

Companies are increasingly using this application to publicize promotions, draw the attention of customers and even make sales. For that, it is necessary to have a closer communication with the public.

Going back to the insurance example, you can talk to the customer, ask questions and show promotions through this channel.

Referral Marketing

The best advertising is word of mouth and on the internet this is called referral marketing, which can be a very interesting marketing tool.

It is much easier when a customer who already consumes your product or service indicates it, because whoever receives the recommendation will have more security in purchasing.

In order to be successful in this strategy, it is common to offer some benefit in exchange for the referral, for example, the referral can earn a bonus in reais or a discount on the next purchase. The nominee may also receive an incentive bonus.

Use of images

The visual is gaining more importance, so much so that when doing a search it is increasingly common to appear images as a result. Include images in SEO strategies guarantees a relevant result because they have the power to attract attention.

This is even more evident when we observe the growth of social networks that focus on images such as Pinterest and Instagram.

These are just some of the digital marketing trends that are expected to continue in the year 2021, however, one should not fail to pay attention to others such as the use of videos, podcasts and personalization.

By Jeniffer Elaina

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