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Digital marketing using smartphone
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The old maxim “advertising is the soul of the business” remains even stronger than ever and, in times of social media and digital media, we need to redouble our care with the marketing to ensure the visibility of our business and the flow of potential customers constantly.

If you are looking to start entering the world of marketing digital, or if you are looking increase your online engagement, may end up being frightened by the multitude of concepts, tools and cost of starting an advertising campaign.

But did you know that you can take the first steps and achieve a much greater reach on your own, using only your smartphone? Follow our guide and learn how to organize and create advertising material on the internet with the best of spirit "do it yourself!"

Marketing without leaving home

Optimizing your device

To start using your smartphone ou tablet As a work tool, the first step is, first of all, to ensure that your device is ready for work. For this, we have listed some important recommendations that are valid for both iOS devices and those using Android:

  1. Have a stable and secure internet connection: If your advertising campaign is going to happen online, naturally your internet connection is crucial. To avoid the practice of traffic shaping that reduces your speed, and to ensure your security when you need to use public networks, the ideal would be using a VPN with mobile app.
  2. Keep your device updated with the latest version of the system: Often, in the hectic pace of everyday life, we end up ignoring notifications that a new update has arrived. Take a moment, first of all, to make sure you are in the latest version, as they bring security improvements, support for new media and web standards, and critical security fixes.
  3. Remove unnecessary apps and turn off notifications: Nothing worse than needing your device and finding an empty battery, full memory and thousands of notifications polluting your screen. Later, we will install several apps to make our work easier. So take the time to remove the apps you’re not using, and disable non-essential notifications whenever you can.

Applications to manage projects

For any successful advertising campaign, it is first necessary to set goals, objectives, and think of ways to achieve them, organizing what tasks need to be completed to reach the final result.

Although many are already familiar with personal organization in notebooks and planners some applications may provide much more efficient tools for professional managers who need more organization and control.


Trello is a service that works through the browser and also through your application, and allows the user to create projects and organize their tasks in a hierarchical and dynamic way. Without much effort, you can organize the stages of conception, writing, graphic design, publication and metrics of a post for a social network, for example.

In addition, the site facilitates collaboration with other people and experts, so you can take care of the text while a colleague edits the images of the project. O application is easy to use and very versatile. An equivalent alternative to Trello is the Asana platform.


SimpleMind is an app that facilitates the creation of mind maps. This form of information provision has become increasingly popular, since it facilitates quick visualization of the whole set, but also enables the data to be disposed of in an efficient and logical way.

With the application, it is easier to draw and write your maps in a legible way and with advanced editing and control tools. Mind maps can also help you to come up with ideas about a central concept, which can make it easier to get that good idea for your campaign.

Wordcloud helps in marketing

Text apps

When it comes to writing the content you need, some apps a little more advanced than the notepad can be a hand on the wheel to format, style, correct and add media to your publications.

In addition, it is essential to have an application that allows fast writing wherever you are, to capture those moments of inspiration and not forget the brilliant idea that you thought while walking.


Among the most popular apps on the App Store and Google Play, Evernote is a complete platform for editing documents, with support for synchronization online, advanced editing tools, intuitive interface and good performance. It is an essential application for anyone who is starting to work with mobile devices.


The Microsoft suite of applications, well known among desktop computers, can be extremely useful in the mobile world as well. The service subscription gives you access to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, allowing you to work with documents of different formats, in addition to offering up to 1 terabyte storage for your documents.


For those looking for a simpler app with a more minimalist interface, but still rich in features, Bear is an extremely efficient text editor, with synchronization between computers and phones, a wide variety of tools, and an extremely easy to work interface, thus being a strong candidate for the position of standard text editor on your phone.

Image editors and design graphic

The idea that a picture is worth a thousand words is essential for the marketing, but for that, we need to hire a number of publishers and designers when making our pamphlets, logos, banners, posts on Instagram… Right? Not necessarily!

With a little practice and the help of some specialized applications, it is possible to create all kinds of visual resources to help you in your advertising, without needing any previous experience with editing.


O canva is an online platform that allows you to easily create thousands of categories of posts for Instagram, Facebook, flyers, flyers, business cards, themed calendars, anything you can imagine.

The editor is easy and intuitive, and the application has a database of fonts and images to use in your projects without having to spend time searching the internet. The content is free, but the site offers some images premium to buy, in addition to automatically resizing the same publication to the ideal size on several different social networks.

Photoshop Express

Although much simpler than its computer equivalent, Photoshop Express remains an extremely competent tool for image editing. The application syncs with the Adobe cloud for free, and offers color filters, clipping options, corrective brushes, dressing tools and more. The touch-friendly interface makes editing easy even for users who have never used Photoshop for their images.

If this is your first experience with marketing dedicated to social networks, it is worth checking out guide to advertising on Instagram, so your posts can yield much more.

Management applications

And finally, did you know that in addition to advertising alone, you can also manage the financial control of your company and scheduling of posts through cell phone? Look:


Hootsuite is an application that allows you to control posts on your social networks. With it, it is possible to schedule a publication to appear in a synchronized way in different profiles of your company, allowing the creation of more comprehensive campaigns with greater impact on the followers.

The app even shows engagement statistics on each platform, so you can compare what works on your Twitter but not on Facebook, or what content on Instagram attracted the most consumers.


With ZeroPaper, it is possible to take care of your business without using paper. That is, the application can help you manage expenses and cash flow, accounting for inflows and outflows, tax obligations, and future projections. This way it is possible to organize better, plan needs and allocate funds for specific campaigns.


You now have an arsenal of great apps that can help you create complete campaigns marketing digital from scratch, without needing any additional equipment.

In fact, this practice is increasingly common among microentrepreneurs and managers, since despite the low cost invested, the returns can be immense. In a short time, with practice, it is possible to have real success stories with online advertising using simple and accessible tools.

We also recommend expanding your notions of marketing online, checking for example 5 best tactics marketing digital in 2020.

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