Dream or nightmare: how is your relationship with money?

Dream or nightmare: how is your relationship with money?
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By Dilma Balbi.

Some subjects are more thorny than others for most of us.

And among the collection of thorns, the relation to money exhibits an expressive role.

Ranked even by the religions and political parties, what you do with your finances well defines the path to achievements and failures.

There is also a certain mystery.

For a certain group of people commenting with anyone on "money" is not advisable. Better to keep the controls or controls out of control.

For many, even family members should not know the financial health of others; nor their desires, dreams, aspirations.

Dream or nightmare: how is your relationship with money?

Apparently, the behavior is thus released every man for himself, when it comes to the bank statement or even the amount in the paycheck.

But, think here with me and answer me ...

Or rather, ask the question for yourself and answer:

Do not comment, do not think, keep castle secret, make the situation better?

If by chance the answer pointed to a sonorous not, it's worth reading further.

However, if the answer is very high yes, also worth reading until the end, which may have good surprises here.

Dream or nightmare: how is your relationship with money?Dream or nightmare: how is your relationship with money?

Broadening concepts: everything is a means of exchange in a given time

Are you thinking of an incredible trip? To know a paradise, full of good winds, flowers, landscapes of dripping drops and foods that mix the talent of the chefs with Aunt Zeze's seasoning?

So ... do not open your eyes yet, just another moment.

Dream or nightmare: how is your relationship with money?

And if in such a calculation, half-way, the total for this treat cost the trifle of R $ 5.000,00?

Sounds incredible? Salty? Out of purpose? Perfectly possible?

Okay, you can open your eyes.

For each of the answers is your perception of the importance of this trip and your finances.

What you have accumulated and what you will accumulate is the means by which you can realize your dreams.

The "exact" class usually calls the term "realize dreams" of "design".

Just to lapse the concept, design has beginning, middle and end.

That is, it is an effort in a lapse of time where resources are used that lead to the goal.

Dream or nightmare: how is your relationship with money?

In our case of rolling our little eyes, the project is the trip.

Your perception of unattainable or fully possible is directly related to the time and priority that this project reaches among the many that you already have.

In the tight juice of the broth: your financial health is closely linked to how much you can expect to undertake a project or, on the other hand, how urgent it is.

Are you in a hurry? Interest must be priced

If you boxed in to pack your bags tonight and leave early tomorrow, you can prepare to hit your financial mattress in a deeper way. You can even exhaust your entire reservation and still miss ...

Urgency means, as a rule, to pay more, to have worse conditions to negotiate, to choose, or even to carry a higher value than what is actually necessary to cover interest in case of loan.

Money and time maintains an indissoluble relationship of communion, never forget.

But, let me make a clarification:

This text intends to unlink metaphysical, moral and ethical implications, bringing the praxis that is to compensate the anticipation.

If today a financial amount is needed that I do not own, I must pay the person who gave me the amount. This is the simplified logic of managing loan transactions.

I need $ 1000,00 today and I do not have it? I will return R $ 1.000 + interest to the entity that granted me the loan.

Do you have time? You have to price the return

On the other hand, if I can delay a consumption, a project for a later time, I can get a gain on this amount.

If I need 1.000 180 from here XNUMX days I can seek in the financial market options to provide this amount against a plus (amount + interest).

When you withdraw the R $ 1.000,00 in that agreed time interval, I will also receive from the entity that took my loan the corresponding increase (interest).

Dream or nightmare: how is your relationship with money?

How do you decide when?

For the question what is the best time can not find a right answer and another totally wrong.

The most certain thing to do in certain circumstances of life is to kick everything, pay a black money and go on a trip already!

Dream or nightmare: how is your relationship with money?

Or the most certain thing to do may be to carefully plan the whole project of the trip, well in advance, so as to enjoy to the fullest, without financial and emotional shocks.

Finding the answer

Evaluate the scenario, know its possibilities of gain and losses, obtain alternatives for both the loan and the investment.

Act after understanding everything that is embedded in each relevant project in your life.

Remembered the PDCA? Me too!

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