LUZ interview for portal Eu Sou Empreendedor

Interview of LUZ members for the portal Eu Sou Empreendedor
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Last week, my partner and I Rafael Ávila, we had the great pleasure of attending an interview for the portal I Am Entrepreneur. In her, we talked about our great passion, shared by the entire team of LIGHT: entrepreneurship!

At the beginning of the interview, we told a lot about our entrepreneurial journey, including the main mistakes and correctness in our vision. Gradually, we were able to expose LUZ's work to the benefit of entrepreneurs and managers in general.

If you are treading your entrepreneurial journey, the tips you will find in this interview are invaluable! You can check the interview in full in the I Am Entrepreneur portal article or in the video below:

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About I Am Entrepreneur Portal

The portal was born with a goal similar to that of LUZ, to develop entrepreneurship in Brazil through access to information. How many mistakes have we made that could have been avoided if we had access to the story of other entrepreneurs? Now we do not need to be alone anymore.

The portal I am an Entrepreneur produces free multidisciplinary content for entrepreneurs and proposes to be a great partner during their entrepreneurial journey. If you want to read about the entrepreneurial stories of other people to not feel alone, for sure, it's a good place!

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