Strategies of professional poker competitors can serve as a model for companies

Strategies of professional poker competitors can serve as a model for companies
Photo by Jane Furman - PokerNews
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Classified as a sport of mind by the International Federation of Sports of the Mind (IMSA), poker requires a lot of strategy from competitors and is biased towards long-term study and odds calculation.

Because of its intrinsically strategic nature, this sport of mind is also practiced by businessmen from all over the world. One of the most famous examples in Brazilian poker is the businessman Roberly Felício, recreational competitor who stunned the 2018 poker world by winning one of the WSOP events considered the World Cup of poker.

Strategies of professional poker competitors can serve as a model for companies
Photo by Jayne Furman - PokerNews

One of the key issues in poker is learning to to calculate risks before making an investment. Therefore, poker teaches entrepreneurs, on many occasions, the need to use small amounts of upfront resources to evaluate a long-term investment strategy.

For beginners, making small investments in the beginning is important for testing tactics in various strategic areas of the business. Generally, the most successful strategies are identified over time.

André Akkari, the Latin American poker ambassador and one of the world's biggest contenders, started poker in 2006. After many years in the professional circuit, he acquired a lot of knowledge in the sport and ended up taking many strategies from the tables to the business world, such as importance of motivation in performance, For example.

Strategies of professional poker competitors can serve as a model for companies
Photo by Carlos Monti - PokerNews

Today, Akkari, in addition to professional competitor and speaker, is one of the leading Brazilian entrepreneurs in eSports. "My reason for investing in E-Sports is a kind of market that has a lot of excitement, a lot of action"Said the businessman in an interview for SuperPoker website.

"I came close to that, but I also found a great market opportunity. I'm an entrepreneur, I'm investing in profit, but I'm not working on something that does not give me desire, and I believe that the future of this modality is very good. "

Short time (and needed) for break at work

In addition to preparing practitioners to invest in opportune moments, the break for rest is paramount in this sport of mind. In online poker, as well as in many companies' offices and halls, professionals spend hours every day in front of multiple computer screens at the same time.

In order to avoid abrupt declines in performance while at the same time taking care of health, some online poker contenders found in yoga, with only five minutes a day, an excellent way to relieve stress, lengthen the body and decrease the level of anxiety at work.

Strategies of professional poker competitors can serve as a model for companies
Photo by Rene Velli - PokerStars

"Sitting in a chair all day long, even one with proper lumbar support, is harmful to our body in many ways. We are compressing our vertebrae, restricting the hamstring movement, putting huge pressure on our hips and encouraging our shoulders to roll forward, "says Lauren Gasser, a yoga instructor in London who specializes in mental health and wellness.

The importance of interpreting the proposed scenario

There are some factors that differentiate the best professionals from the beginners. One of the most relevant is the timing correct decision-making, a key aspect in poker and business. This is something that is not taught easily and only time and experience are able to sharpen that important sense.

In a poker room, there are different tables with stakes different competitors of different characteristics and different dynamics, which change as people compete for their matches. Therefore, interpreting the emotions of colleagues at the table is very important to succeed in poker and thus lessen the odds of making rash decisions.

In business the same happens. Many experienced entrepreneurs take advantage of the negotiations by knowing how to find effective strategic means for various situations and yet apply them in a timely manner.

Other important considerations between poker and the business world

Just like in poker, a successful entrepreneur must know how to manage his investment capacity, which in poker is called Bankroll.

In an exemplified way, the level of money that the professional has in poker determines the level of investments that he can offer at the tables and how big his investments are. It's something that seems obvious to the naked eye, but the top poker champions take this into extreme consideration so they do not get lost in the long run.

That is, the sport of cards shows throughout its history that knowledge and patience to reap good results are aspects that go hand in hand in the routine of a winner.

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