Financial Life Coach: A Great Professional Opportunity

financial coaching
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Coaching is a human development process that involves the professional coach and his client who will go through the process, called coachee. The focus of the process is for the coachee to define an objective and create, together with his coach, an action plan to achieve this objective.

Coaching financial life is very specific as to its objective. First, organize your financial life and then you define your goals and together with the coach a financial planning for you to achieve the much desired financial success.

Financial success

And what is financial success? For capitalist society it is the conquest of goods, a life of luxury and comfort. But another definition of financial success is that you achieve everything you want in your life, getting enough money to pay for your desires.

And what is financial success for you? How much money do you need to be happy and feel rich? Have you ever thought about this in your life? But, do I say in a very specific and even quantified way? Financial life coaching will help you in these matters, starting by organizing your financial life.

Financial life coaching is divided into 2 stages:

- In step one, you will receive guidance and a method for organizing your financial life, setting earning and spending goals, developing effective controls on your finances and creating an annual monitoring system to check your performance and the evolution of your financial life

- In step two, you will deepen your self-knowledge, define what skills you need to develop and create a life project, based on your dreams and your life purpose, complementing with personal financial planning

O personal financial planning it's very important for you because it's not just about having money, it's about your life. And we believe that it is very valuable.

Planning only with a focus on numbers and filling out spreadsheets is really not very motivating. There has to be a stronger reason to plan. Personal financial planning has to be related to a life project, dreams and a life purpose.

Therefore, the professional financial life coach is a professional trained to guide you with a method of organization and financial planning, as well as being a motivator for your self-knowledge and personal development.

It has always been necessary to know how to deal with money, whether in personal or business life. Fundamentals such as cash flow, financial reserve and differentiating investment spending are overlooked by many people and consequently contribute to their financial failure.

Money is more behavior than technique. The aforementioned fundamentals are important, but knowing them and not practicing them in your life will not help. Therefore, financial life coaching is an efficient process because it deals with money in both personal finance and behavioral issues.

The financial life coaching process

The professional financial life coach will do for you:

- Clarify what is happening in your current financial life and how you arrived in this state, as well as clarify how you act, make decisions and what gives importance to life

- Engage you in fundamental behavior change to improve your financial life and in the search for improvements in the necessary skills both professional and those dealing with money

- Empower you by revealing which behaviors are appropriate when deciding to earn, spend and save money, teaching how to develop personal power to take action with effectiveness and motivation and providing a method and tools to enhance the results of your actions

A professional financial life coach will optimize time and knowledge for you. How much time would you spend learning everything about personal finance? Read books, take courses and still try to put into practice what you have learned?

In financial life coaching you receive in a fast, useful, personalized and organized way everything that really works. Time and knowledge will be optimized and the best method the coach has already developed for you. He has a consistent method, validated and approved by many people who have already seen him.

See what your financial life would be like after going through an efficient financial life coaching process:

- Organized financial life, information to make a better decision, not to commit to expenses that you cannot pay or get into debt, make money left over every month;

- You controlling your money and managing expenses to better decide what pays and what doesn't pay to spend because your focus is to make money left over in the month to save and use in what is really important to you;

- You making better decisions when it comes to earning, spending and saving money;

- You with more predictability not being surprised by bills that you did not know or did not remember that you should pay, you organizing yourself to have the money of bigger expenses when they appear and you with financial reserve for the unforeseen events and not those unforeseen ones that you failed to predict;

- You with money to make all your dreams come true;

The vast majority of people do not know how to deal with money because they are illiterate in personal finance and unaware that the behavioral factor is decisive in the decisions to earn, spend and save money. So, the market for the professional financial life coach is huge. Millions of people need guidance to rethink how they deal with money.

The professional financial life coach

To be a professional financial life coach it is necessary to do training in specific coaching in personal and behavioral finance, really like people and empathize with them to help them in their difficulties. You must be an organized professional and committed to the quality of work and the result you will need to deliver to the client.

It is not necessary to be a professional in the financial market, economics or accounting. But having basic knowledge about personal finance is essential because at times the coach will have to guide his client in some financial decisions that will require knowledge of interest, inflation, investments, etc.

The skills of the financial life coach

There are three sets of competences to be developed by the professional financial life coach: competence in coaching, which is acquired in coaching training, competence in personal finance, which is acquired through courses and studies of the topic, and competence in behavior acquired also in coaching training. and in other complementary courses.

So if you want achieve your financial success and making other people reach it too, this is a great professional career opportunity. Do your training in financial life coaching, prepare yourself well to act and be an example of a person of results for your clients. You must be your first customer and then you can search for other customers.

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