Home Office! Good or bad when it comes to food?

Home Office! Good or bad when it comes to food?
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By Nadia Cozzi.

Working from home is a good thing for some, several hours lost in traffic jams are avoided, stress that this causes. Hours that can be used for a walk in the park, a coffee with friends or an exclusive time for the family. Good for the employee and excellent for the company that has a more whole, more creative employee.

It is good to clarify that Home Office does not exactly mean work at home

According to PEGN Magazine "Although this is the literal translation of the term, in Brazil it defines in a generic way the work that is carried out in an alternative space to the company's office. This location may be - or not - the home office. A person can work 'home office' in cafes, hotels, airports, taxis, parks ... or at home. "

Can Everyone Work at Home Office?

Speaking professionally, the one who is entrepreneur or wants a lean company allows a viable way of working. When one is employed, everything will depend on the rules of the company and the work to be performed.

But there are some other important factors: what is your profile? Are you proactive or depend on boss to accomplish your job? What is the environment of your home that will be used for the Home Office? How is your family? Do you have the discipline to separate private life from the professional?

Dedication, essential for a good work at home.

Professionalism is the key, and this is reflected in the way of dressing (pajamas and work do not match ok?), In the times dedicated to work and to the things and people of the house and especially in self-control and discipline.

And the food? Ah! Now, I'm going to have lunch at home every day!

Sounds great, does not it? Of course, by eating at home we have the possibility to guarantee the quality of the food we eat and, above all, save money. Cute to say, hard to do.

Usually food is usually one of the most affected areas, we prioritize the work and choose more practical, ready and packaged foods. So we do not have to cook and do the dishes.

Working from home also makes room for temptations, especially in those times when the "thing" packs. Then go to the kitchen, eat a little cookie, another little coffee, now a little balloon! Get back to work.

Oh, do you still have that cake? And the chocolate pudding, it was delicious! I'll go there, I deserve it! Consequences of this? Weight gain, high cholesterol, indisposition and drop in productivity. Add to that fatigue and sleep. Working from home is not a good idea.

What if you do your job at a coffee shop, bakery or bookstore? Then cheese bread and espresso (forte forte!) Will surely be your best friends.

Organization is the key word.

Everything in life depends on organization. Set up your schedule, your work schedules, stops and meals. What time do I start working and what time do I stop? Discipline to follow right, guarantees success.

Eating well is important for productivity as we have seen in previous articles. How about leaving some fresh cut fruit near where you're working? Dried fruits and chunks of cheese and cherry tomatoes are also great requests. Aromatic or hot aromatic teas for that needed rest. For a quick snack, pots of plain yogurt with fruit and chopped nuts.

Lunchs full of salads, grilled and fruits, ensure a good digestion and do not weigh or cause drowsiness. Pot salads are made quickly and last the entire week in the refrigerator, ending with the excuse of not having time to cook. It is good to remember that meals have time to start and end, no matter how good the conversation with the family.

Arranging everything around us I can assure you that there is no better place in the world to work at our home despite the challenges.

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