How to be a good manager?

How to be a good manager
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The manager is a strategic and essential professional for a company to seek the desired results. That is, one is able to impart knowledge, motivate a team, coordinate corporate governance processes, with greater performance potential of each employee.

Job Title Definition

Manager is a professional that has a breadth of actions within the company. This professional has the assignments of planning, coordinating and assisting in the execution of actions with the participation of other professionals involved, such as area managers.

Besides the strategic and tactical part, not least is the motivational and guidance part that the manager provides to his team.

How to be a good manager
  • CBO of the post

The Brazilian Occupational Classification (CBO) for the position of manager has a range made up of various management modalities, ranging from managers linked to events and religious entities.

  • Characteristics of a good management professional

In order to be a good manager, the professional must have (or develop) certain characteristics, such as: having knowledge and involvement of the corporation's processes; have a general and specific view; seek innovations and open the news; always develop their personal and professional growth; have accessibility by employees; be an effective 'bridge' of communication between the board and the core team; have resilience; seek to make the best decisions that positively impact both the company's components and customers; and logical, the manager has to be constantly motivating the team and developing the team's growth.

  • Companies that need the professional management

Strictly speaking, we can consider that any type of company needs a manager. However, if it is a small business (such as a MEI), the owner is the manager himself.

But if the company is of medium size and especially large (where there are several departments), the manager's figure can not be lacking.

The large company generally has several managers by sectors (such as administrative, financial and HR for example) and with this will need a general manager who coordinates and evaluates the results of the sectors.

  • Average salary for manager role

According to the website LOVE MONDAYS (site specializing in salary schedules), the average salary for a manager is worth almost 7.300 real / month.

Being that the minimum value is in 941 real and the maximum value indicated passes of 41 thousand real.

  • Main courses for manager training

Even if the role of manager is wide, depending on the size of the company and in what market follow-up, the manager will have to specialize and focus on a particular type of management, such as: financial management course; business management course; environmental management course; course of information management; business management; people management; project management and health management, among others.

Expected Activities

For a manager, especially in large corporations, there will be a multitude of tasks to perform and delegate. For this, the professional in question will have to be well organized and optimize your time in the best possible way, to get better productivity of yours and the team.

  • Routine work for a manager

The routine of a manager, regardless of his specialization, is always dynamic. This professional has to be on the field and act (and interact) with his team of employees, with directors, suppliers and even with clients.

The role of a manager is primarily strategic, many times he will have to participate (and lead) in positioning meetings, outcome assessments, and goal setting.

  • Challenges expected in the function

There are several types of challenges that affect day-to-day managers. But, according to some research, there are 03 types of challenge that "head-up" managers in performing their function. Being:

Scratchs. How to evaluate the right measure to make a risk decision for the company. Often, the risks are necessary to the pursuit of considerable growth for the company. But if the risks that will occur after making decisions are based on mistaken decisions, the company could lose a significant amount of money and even compromise its position in the market.

Conflicts. This is a very delicate point and that every leader and manager will have to know how to handle, how to manage conflicts in the company. This point is paramount, so that the organizational climate appropriate. The organizational climate being good, will positively affect the results.

Learning. The manager, because it has a very dynamic role, will have to know how to absorb very quickly and put into practice any changes and new knowledge that occur within the organization. Not only for you, because the manager will have to know how to move faster and clearer to the team, any and all changes and new learning.

  • Processes involved

For a manager, as in other functions, it is essential that there be a line of processes to follow. For these processes are what define a standard to be followed in a service or in the final quality of a product. Map the process, for this to be reviewed and evaluated, and even changed, when necessary.

Here are some points to follow: Identify the objectives of the process; identify the inputs and outputs of the process; identify when necessary the suppliers and customers of the process; identify the current process, and make improvements or changes to the process if necessary.

  • CHA (knowledge, skills and attitudes)

The CHA put into practice at all stages will be a way of evaluating the Skills of the manager (also serving for evaluations of other leadership positions). However, for a manager, his / her skills will be very visible when implementing the CHA.

In which the manager will have to have his "luggage" of knowledge theorists about the position, and with this skills to put theory into practice.

However, the point that will get stronger in your assessment will be the attitudes, which in general are decision-making, whether these will be assertive for the company and people in general.

Growth Expectation

The expectation of growth for a manager will be very considerable, especially if he puts into practice CHA and obtain the results (goals) sought by the company.

  • How to be promoted in the company

To occur a promotion for manager (or any other position) it is necessary to have availability (vacancy) for the desired position. Second, for the aspirant to the position, he has to have some basic requirements (which can be evaluated in the CHA) and other positions and actions that will weigh in the promotion process.

Points such as frequencies, punctuality, postures, pro activity, communication, cooperation and results obtained, among others, will be at the "table" for evaluations of a possible promotion.

  • Positions related to manager

There are several positions of specific managers, related to several professional segments, such as: event manager; maintenance manager; information manager; security manager; public manager and several others.

  • CHA of management-related positions

As described above in this article, the CHA's (knowledge, skill, attitude) for the manager serve for all related positions.

For, regardless of what specific management function, related positions will need this "tripod" of CHA to develop their competencies.

How to be a good manager

Personal development

Personal and professional development must be constant for the manager, and the use of the tool wheel of life and a planner to write down everything, will be of great importance.

  • Wheel of Life and Planner

A Wheel of Life is a widely used tool in the field of coaching It is a tool for the self-knowledge of the individual. This tool enables the person to map their life in 04 large areas such as: personal, professional, relationship and quality of life.

However, there is a Wheel of Life tailored specifically for management, in which the manager has 04 large areas also to score (from 0 to 10) and evaluate.

These areas are: self-development, company strategy, innovation generator and engagement.

As in the traditional Wheel of Life, in this Wheel of Life for management, the manager will have to see which items had lower scores and with this make a action plan to raise the scores of low performance items.

And Planner, what is it?

O Planner it is simply a notebook for notes. Yes, it can be that "old" and traditional paper agenda or even make notes on an electronic device.

Selection of worksheets for management

I will outline some fundamental worksheets for the management of your business.

In addition to these, there are many others in the LUZ blog that will surely help you manage your business. Do not hesitate to consult!

4.0 Competency Performance Assessment Worksheet

A worksheet in which you can record the key competencies of your business and make a full assessment of your team of employees. Access the link below and take the free trial!

4.0 Business Diagnostics Worksheet

Ideal spreadsheet to diagnose each sector or area of ​​your company, thus evaluating which sector will need to improve. Click the link below and take the test free!


To be a good manager, in addition to the points already mentioned in this post, it is also necessary that this professional has the ability to envisage possible new leaders (or managers) and develop them.

This will bring a motivational aspect to the entire group of employees, seeing that they are being observed and stoned. In the case of the specific manager, he may aim for new levels in the company, provided that his position is absorbed by another qualified manager, even if new.

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