How to ensure the digital security of your business

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The digital security of your business should be a priority if you do not want to lose your data or be exposed. Learn how to do this.

Businesses have a number of concerns, but as everything is now connected, the digital security of your business should be a priority. It may seem unnecessary, however, that the risk of corporate data being stolen or invaded is too great when you do not take the necessary care.

Cyber ​​attacks can happen with companies of any size and knowing what's new in the market to protect yourself is fundamental.

Digital security is a priority because it helps protect not only your business data but also your employees. It can be applied with the use of some techniques and tools that can provide the necessary protection.

See what can be done to ensure the digital security of your 2019 business.

1 - Count on a trusted antivirus

Every day, viruses, trojans and other malware try to invade computers and mobile devices and this process can be facilitated by absence of a good antivirus. These programs must be installed and upgraded to provide an adequate level of protection.

There are different antiviruses that can be used in paid or free versions, and some of the best known are Avira and Avast. At the time of the choice it is important to consider the detection rate and other factors such as usability and support.

2 - Have a backup

Due to software or hardware problems, the information can be erased or lost and this causes a great deal of damage, be it financial or time. If you need to restore systems, the chances of losing everything in them are great.

The ideal is to have a backup of all the relevant information, and this can be done automatically.

If you prefer, work with more than one backup. You can adopt a physical in the workplace and a cloud, because that way you can not lose the data and the digital security of your business increases with a simple action.

3 - Get a VPN subscription

By accessing websites and other resources available on the internet, the computer or device leaves traces and information that may compromise privacy. The digital security of your business can be very better protected with the use of VPN.

VPN allows network access information to be secure and encrypted, making it difficult for hackers to gain access to your data and company data.

This makes it more difficult to detect your system and prevent information from being easily identified.

4 - Keep systems up to date

Many of the software used periodically release newer versions and recommend upgrading, but they are often ignored. You have to understand that with each release improvements are made that can make the system more secure and protected.

These improvements are designed to minimize the security flaws that are used by hackers to hack into and steal data. So always check for newer versions and make the updates. That way you will be protecting your business.

This rule is valid for all systems, even those that are not directly related to security.

5 - Set up a Wi-Fi guest network

If your customers need to use your company's Wi-Fi, allow them to do so without full access to your network. When creating a network for guests it is possible to allow them to use only the internet signal.

This requires the router to offer this feature, but it is worth investing if you do not have it. Having a separate network for visitors prevents viruses and other malware on your device from invading your network and ultimately infecting it. This also makes it difficult to intrude from Wi-Fi, creating an extra layer of protection.

6 - Lead Employees

Often, employees end up facilitating the network invasion without even realizing it. For this they click on malicious links, logging on to unknown networks or opening e-mail attachments. From the moment the access is facilitated, the hacker can access the information he wants and the damage can be great.

To ensure the digital security of your business, it is critical that employees be educated about the risks and the consequences they can bring. Many do not know how violations can occur and explain about it and how protecting oneself will help lessen the dangers.

Create a timeline of training for your employees.

7 - Get an ad blocker

O ad blocker is not only to prevent unwanted pop-ups from appearing on the screen. They can block HTML elements and stop navigation cookies that are used to track navigation.

Choose an ad blocker that is compatible with the browsers you use. It is often free and the installation is quite simple.

The digital security of your business can be leveraged with simple attitudes and there is not always a need for high investment. Just change habits and start using the right resources to make sure viruses and hackers do not get into your business.

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