How webinars can increase your sales

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A creative way to engage your audience and achieve a significant increase in sales is through webinars. This type of material has grown a lot in digital marketing strategies, due to its ability to enchant and educate the audience.

Therefore, with the proper guidance, the webinar can be a tool that helps in converting leads (potential customers), increasing the chances of selling and building a strong relationship with consumers.

It is not for nothing that the most varied types of businesses are using the resource: from multinational companies, to acupuncture clinic and freelance professionals.

In today's article, see how webinars can increase your sales and learn some tips for building a highly targeted campaign. Follow the reading!

What is a webinar?

The webinar, also called a webinar, is nothing more than a videoconference for educational or commercial purposes. That is, it is an audiovisual content, which can be live or recorded, on a subject in question.

This format is gaining a lot of prominence in the last years, mainly as part of the Content Marketing campaigns, since it allows the dissemination of a product, service or theme, in an explanatory and relevant way for the audience.

Who works with sales funnel (graphical representation of the customer journey) can use the webinar to improve conversion and thereby guide the user to the next step. With that, you have a greater number of leads and chances of sales.

That's because a person interested in rental of air compressor, for example, is more likely to close a deal if it is properly informed about the equipment, the modes of use and the benefits of the service.

Another way to use the webinar is for a more direct approach. Thus, we speak directly about the product or service, in order to convince the user. It’s more effective content for leads who are in the last stage of the funnel and need to make a decision.

What are the main benefits of the webinar?

When working with the consumer's journey, one realizes that the purchase process is not homogeneous. For this reason, it is necessary to offer tools that contribute to the public's decision-making process.

In this sense, the webinar can be a great ally, making users move forward in the stages of the funnel. Therefore, sales tend to increase when the material is applied to your marketing strategy.

The following are some of the advantages of the webinar. Check out!

Increased brand awareness

Although the internet has expanded the forms of dissemination, it is also an extremely competitive channel. Just type “generator rental”, For example, to see thousands of results.

For this reason, it is necessary to stand out. With the production of webinars, your brand is able to gain greater relevance and, thus, it is possible to have a significant competitive advantage.

After all, the content will address issues relevant to the persona (representation of the ideal customer) and, naturally, interest in your brand will increase.

Greater audience reach

According to a survey by Adobe, about 91% of users who register for a webinar end up following the live broadcast, or watching the recording later.

It is perceived that it is a high percentage, being a good way to conquer the public and reach a larger audience.

Thus, when publishing a webinar on environmental compensation, several people can watch the content, without geographic limits, which is one of the main advantages of working with online dissemination.

Greater engagement

The same Adobe study also found that the engagement of webinars is quite high. According to the survey, about 54% of people leave comments on the content and want to interact with the presenter.

Much of this is due to the dynamics of the webinar, which is much more interactive than other types of materials. In addition, it is a way to improve the relationship with your audience, since it is possible to answer the questions of the participants live.

Growth of company authority

Since the webinar is educational in order to better explain a subject to the audience, content is a great way to position your brand as an authority on the market.

After all, when your company creates a webinar on Car insurance, for example, the public will see that there is a broad understanding of the brand on the subject. That way, he will have more confidence in doing business with you.

But how to increase sales with the webinar?

Given all these advantages, it is easy to see why webinars are increasingly growing within digital marketing strategies.

However, a very common question is how to increase sales with this content. Therefore, we have separated some tips below that can help you in this.

1 - Know your audience

The first step is to know who you are talking to. Although all marketing strategies require extensive knowledge about the audience, in the case of the webinar, it is essential to go even deeper into the persona.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to conduct a research behavioral profile assessment, to raise users' preferences, desires and desires.

The company can also analyze data from those who are already customers. This helps in the design of the persona, making it possible to further humanize its content, to increase interaction and engajamento with the webinar.

2 - Define a goal for your content

Before you start scripting your webinar, you need to define what the content will be for. Among the most common, the following stand out:

  • Launch a new product or service;
  • Apply a tutorial on how to use;
  • Explain more about a sensitive subject;
  • Answer questions from the audience;
  • Among others.

When defining the objective, it is easier to choose the best approach and the transmission format.

That is, it is a way to increase the efficiency of the content, directing it in the best way to generate a positive impact on leads.

3 - Do not deceive participants

Something essential to increase sales with your webinar is not to mislead participants. So, be clear and transparent with the intention of your content and do not run away from the main theme.

Studies in the marketing area show that the average consumer attention time is 8 seconds. So, focus on showing early on what the focus of the approach is, so that your audience doesn't give up watching.

4 - Focus on information

Although many companies design webinars with the intention of selling, the approach should not be centered only on selling, but on information.

After all, the digital consumer does not want to be faced with yet another invasive advertisement, as in traditional marketing. Instead, he is looking for knowledge on a particular subject.

So if the intention is to sell labels for clothing, a tip is to script a webinar that includes a tutorial on how to use the products. That way, you talk about the merchandise, but it doesn't induce direct sales.

5 - Keep interacting with the audience

As stated earlier, the webinar is a material with great engagement by users. However, it is essential to interact with the audience during the presentation, making the participants feel valued.

Therefore, if there are questions about a hospital sheet, for example, guide the presenter to respond to interactions by engaging in a dialogue with your audience.

6 - Analyze the results

When finishing the presentation of the webinar, it is essential to analyze the results of the campaign, to check if the content was really profitable.

The tip is to use some metrics, mainly engagement and conversion. Thus, it is possible to identify which content generates the best results, as well as to understand, in a more objective way, the preferences of the public.

In the future, this information helps to build an even more targeted and assertive campaign, with better chances of conversion and sales, avoiding mistakes that may have occurred previously.


Working with the sales funnel is a great way to direct users to the completion of the purchase, even though they realize that decision making is complex and different for each one.

One tip is to design the webinars, which are audiovisual content that help in convincing the customer, making the conversion process much more natural and simple.

With this, it is very likely that your company will see a gradual increase in sales, since in addition to convincing users, webinars also improve the relationship with customers, generating more engagement and proximity to the public.

This text was originally developed by the blog team Investment Guide, where you can find hundreds of informative content about various segments.

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