Inbound Marketing: How to Invest for Your Business

Inbound Marketing: How to Invest for Your Business
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In the current scenario, the Inbound Marketing It is an indispensable strategy when the goal is to deliver content relevant to the customer and be met by the reputation and quality of digital media.

This concept, also known as attraction marketing, has featured discussions since 1999. However, in the age of 4.0 marketing, inbound principles have never been so present.

There are some definitions for this strategy. But in general, inbound is a set of relevant content actions and techniques.

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It can even include first-rate customer service, optimization for Google's search engines in SEO, and actions that strengthen the relationship between the brand and the public.

This strategy can be used in various segments and has generated important results.

According to the most recent report from Content Trends, companies using inbound techniques aligned with content marketing get 1,3 more visitors to their site and other communication channels.

Additionally, these channels are more likely to generate qualified leads for a future sale.

In the following lines, we will address actions that can be incorporated into inbound, as well as practical examples, especially in the automotive segment.

Inbound Marketing: Your Brand Being Found

Contrary to the concept of Outbound marketing, which is a strategy more focused on publicizing companies through advertising and campaigns, Inbound aims to promote companies through content marketing.

Let's bring the example of a full machine shop. At some point in life, Drivers will need the repair, aesthetic and maintenance services of a workshop.

When this happens, this audience will use some search engines to find the service.

In a more practical situation, people are likely to use Google or other mechanisms to search for workshop referrals.

In this context, it is interesting to remember that 96% of Brazilians look for a company's channels on the internet before visiting the physical store or making a purchase.

So, if your workshop has a website and social networks that are used by your audience, great.

However, you need to think about the quality of the content your brand offers on channels. After all, by adopting the concept of Inbound to your strategy, you can use formats such as:

  • Blog articles;
  • Videos and tutorials;
  • Newsletters;
  • E-books;
  • Podcasts;
  • Infographics;
  • Content for social networks.

This way, in addition to institutional content, you can (and should) surprise your audience with relevant content offerings that can solve a question, or position your business as an authority on Google.

To do this, you can map the most popular themes on the internet and produce the content according to the needs of your persona (calm down, let's get back to the concept).

That is, it is necessary to adapt the language so that it is best suited to solve the doubts of the driver who has no idea why, how to do it and when to look for this type of service.

This must be because when people know they have a problem but cannot identify solutions, the relevant content to be produced (such as engine maintenance) must fit in with the most appropriate phase of the research journey.

Especially in this example, the right journey is to attract and discover the customer to the possible solutions he might find.

Check out the next topic with Inbound Marketing steps and learn how to apply the techniques!

Inbound Marketing Steps

The implementation of inbound strategies in a company must start not only with the communication sector, but with brand positioning in view of the purposes and knowledge it wants to share with the world.

Inbound is for the customer to search for your company and opens possibilities for various strategies such as marketing of relationship, automation and authorial content.

If your company works with automotive services, it is critical to know the target audience very well to offer the ideal solution at every step until converting the customer. See the following steps!

1. To attract

A crucial stage for your venture to be found by the person looking for it or a service is the attraction stage.

In this step, you must produce the content for the learning and discovery step of the persona buying journey.

Remember that the persona is the ideal representation of your client (or clients) in a fictional character.

To build this profile, you must have a broad base of information about your audiences, their needs, buying style, habits, and the bottom line: knowing the pains and problems this person needs to address.

Within the automotive, workshop and dealership segment, one way to attract leads is to create an optimized blog with relevant and unique content.

In the case of the body shop, you can bring didactic content about what is and why make a full automotive paint. It is also possible to explain when to invest in this solution and what are the most appropriate techniques according to the car model.

For this, you will also need to create landing pages. Use social media to promote articles and optimize content using SEO techniques - so that communication strategies are well positioned on Google.

In addition, attention needs to be paid to the fact that this content should add immediate value to the lives of people who do not know much about it and do not know your company.

2. Engage

Engagement is one of the most desired attitudes for inbound companies.

Since this is a strategy where communication is very open with the audience and the goal is to promote a conversation and not just deliver content, this step is important for a possible conversion.

When addressing a theme, It should be noted which types of maintenance and repairs fit this condition the most.

In this case, you can also use some features to solve the problem and encourage the persona to evolve on the buying journey.

Examples are:

  • Free availability of ebooks in exchange for the email address;
  • Offer of a free evaluation on the used car;
  • Interaction with the public through email marketing campaigns;
  • Using A kind request (call to action) in the contents.

In this context, you can invite the person to receive exclusive content from the automotive industry, such as the step by step of a CNH regularization, Detran's rules regarding vehicle plotting and other useful subjects.

By sending the newsletter, using mental triggers and call-to-action to encourage people to pursue a consultation or maintenance, offering discount coupons and other clear benefits, is also a possibility to spark engagement.

You need to highlight at this point the need to evaluate which call to action is best suited to your persona's needs and consistent with the goals and demands of the customer engagement industry and future customers.

3. Converter

As the name suggests, the conversion phase is critical as it precedes the sale and must be carefully analyzed to achieve this goal.

At this stage, create content that answers your questions and indicates your workshop as the best in town for those who need complete and safe maintenance. automotive shock absorber and other mechanical parts.

It may also be interesting to offer sales coupons. Use copywriter techniques to trigger mental triggers, create a sense of urgency, and enjoy that the brand has already gained the confidence in the previous steps for the persona to advance the buying decision.

Remember that inbound analyzes the feelings, concerns, pains, doubts, difficulties and buying profile. Learn how to use persuasive and empathic language in conversion strategies.

4. Sell

Some marketing scholars argue that a customer is only considered a customer when he or she has had a chance to compete, and yet has chosen your business.

What does this teach about the sales process? That your company must build a solid image of trust, provide quality service and show that it is an authority in the niche market and can deliver everything the customer needs.

In more complex services, the selling point is not price or direct advertising, but the way your sales, service and marketing team work hard to delight the public.

By strengthening relationship actions, managing brand crises on social networks, providing value-added content and showing testimonials from those who have already gone through your workshop is a path that can attract the buying decision.

There is nothing wrong with direct advertising. But Inbound Marketing understands that today the boss in the buying process is the consumer.

For this reason, there is no point in selling a product without showing why it is the best. For this it is essential to draw attention to long term quality.

5. Enchant

A customer may love or hate your brand. since the first contact. The principle of inbound is to promote enchantment, admiration and trust in this scenario.

This reputation in the online or offline world is earned with time and effort. Know that producing enchanting content, approaching the persona with cool language, and solving the problem with empathy and humanity is the basis for this construction.

Enchantment is not an exclusive function of marketing. However, when producing relevant materials, you can use (including) Storytelling techniques to tell stories, contextualize the product as a solution, and exceed expectations.

Now that you know a little more about the concept, steps, and ways to promote inbound in your business, here's the tip for planning new strategies!

This text was originally developed by the blog team Investment Guide, where you can find hundreds of informative content about various segments.

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