Is it worth putting my company on YouTube?

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YouTube is the holy grail of the Internet at the moment, with people and companies rushing to create videos and monetize them, either by Google itself or by selling its own products. But as in any gold rush, there will be a lot of disappointment and attempts that will not bear fruit. So it’s important to do an exercise first and answer the question: is it worth putting my company on YouTube?

And then the door opens for these questions:

  • I will know how to make a video online, using a good editor like Filmora9 from Wondershare, creating a visual identity and eliminating errors and imperfections?
  • Will my content be legal and relevant, reaching the audience I need to start converting?
  • Will I have time to maintain regular content production?
  • Will I have the resources to promote my video, respond to followers and invest in strategies to gain subscribers?

All of this needs to be answered honestly. Below we will explain better how to attack each point if you want to answer yes and have a strong presence on YouTube.

Is it worth putting my company on YouTube? 1

Knowing how to make videos online

YouTube is especially challenging because it doesn't have a defined rule. There are content producers who started with a cell phone and microphone attached, without much quality, and soon exploded. And there are those who invest thousands of dollars in equipment and it doesn't work.

The safest thing to do is to advise two things: first, give the exact impression of who you are. What matters is the authenticity and quality of the content. If you are a young adventurer who goes through the motions, using as little as possible makes sense. If you are a company that talks about investments, it is not cool to have a lower quality image and muffled sound.

For companies, it is important to invest in equipment and a good edition. In case you can get professional help, legal. Otherwise, you can get the editing easier with an intuitive program, like the aforementioned Filmora9. The important thing is to create a visual consistency and not let noise from the street, lack of light, stutters and editable things hinder its quality.

Content is King

This phrase has been around for decades, but it remains true. a good content can make the user ignore many things. Of course, if it is possible to have 100% use, try. But the most important thing is that you think about reaching your target audience with interesting ideas, tips that can be used and related stories.

Again in the case of a company, if you are selling insurance, there is no need to make 10 videos about how great insurance is. Give tips on how to find the best insurance, what you need to be aware of, how are insurance in other countries, what occasions do you not imagine, but it is good to have insurance (travel, for example). So you get more people's attention and you can sell your product better.

Time and resources

Here we can put the last two questions together because they are related. Make a video it's not just connecting a camera, talking to the lens and posting. This is just part of the process, just like making a cake is just part of the process of having a pastry shop.

The creation of the script and think about content, as we said above, requires attention and affection. Recording, hitting the cameras, microphones and recording, also requires attention. Editing is a huge job, but it can be less complicated with a good editor and attention to the previous steps.

But something underestimated is the time put into the promotion. Having subscribers helps a lot because they will receive a notification when you post a video. But not everyone will click on everything you do.

And how to get subscribers? Slapping your face with digital marketing, whether on social networks, sharing with people who may be interested in it in groups, passing the link to family and friends, investing in advertising on Instagram, for example, in short, strategies abound and are necessary.

Don't start on YouTube if you can't deliver a good product and if you can't promote and grow your channel. Because a dropped channel, with weak content and few subscribers can not only be ineffective but also burn the film.

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