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Smartphone applications are part of the daily lives of a large part of the population. In fact, with their wide range of opportunities, they are great alternatives for controlling different areas, including financial management. 

In this context, applications are advantageous options, especially if we analyze that finances are critical aspects for Brazilians: according to a study by SPC Brasil, 58% of respondents never devote time to financial control.

Thinking about the high percentage of this index, the market has the most varied applications for the control of personal finances. But do not worry. Accounts payable, credit card and banking are really complex factors to manage. 

So, if your goal is to save, create goals or simply manage finances more assertively, we have prepared a list of some valuable apps to help you control your finances. Are you interested? Follow!

4 spending control apps

As we mentioned earlier, a large number of Brazilians are in the same situation: the lack of expenditure control. Thinking about it, check out, right now, the 4 main apps to help you manage your finances. Good reading!

1 Spendee

Those who prefer simpler visual options with a more functional design, Spendee is the ideal alternative. After all, all your information and data are displayed in an easier way to read and, of course, understand. 

The application, in turn, offers the possibility to introduce bank accounts or to reallocate expenses automatically, which is a great alternative for users who want to align information without directly using the bank. 

In addition, there is an interesting option called '' recurring '', which helps to understand your higher spending volume, if your frequent costs are with plastic injection mold or other materials, for example.

2 Mobills

Mobills is one of the most famous apps in terms of spending control. It has good reviews and several features and, of course, that draw a lot of attention. 

In this sense, expenses can be managed by geolocation, which shows users the places where they spend the most, whether it is close to home, work or some commercial establishment, such as a water treatment company.

Another feature worth mentioning is cloud storage. This way, data can be accessed from the most diverse platforms, such as Android and iOS. 

In addition, you can add accounts, expenses, cards, loans and other sources of spending. 

3. Guarantee

Guiabolso is an integration application. He works in the application of credit cards and bank accounts, so that costs can be managed in a personalized and centralized location. 

It is worth noting that the profile still allows the comparison of the financial index of other people with the same profile, helping the user to have a spending parameter. 

In addition, it is also possible to take out loans for those who need extra money to make a purchase. fast drill steel, For example. 

4. Organize

Organizze is ideal for those who like to set personal goals and understand the outflow of money. In this sense, the cards and accounts are aligned on a single platform in order to be fully intuitive.

With some management options, money can be monitored in a simple way and thus transform your financial life. In addition, the user can generate reports and set up additional cost alerts. 

Extra tip

Last, and not least, we have Google Sheets as a less intuitive but also very efficient option. It has the same purpose as Excel, but it is free and well known as an alternative to file sharing. 

Using this application, it is possible to create spreadsheets for your financial control monthly or even purchase already prepared models. 

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