Learn how to use management concepts to organize your first trip

Learn how to use management concepts to organize your first trip
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Learn how to use management concepts to organize your first trip

Managing is the act of managing, directing and controlling. At management skills can be used for absolutely everything from personal life, financial, professional, and (why not?) to travel. Yes, travel is something that involves several steps and a lot of planning, which should be done in a way that saves time, money and better results, as well as business management. Curious, is not it?

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Excel Spreadsheets


Imagine that a transportation company has been growing significantly in recent years and needs to open a new distribution center to meet demand. The first step is to regularize the necessary documentation, from the purchase of the land, the operating permit and the fire brigade, and all issues involving the opening of a company.

On a trip, you will need to go through the same steps, so it is essential to properly manage them to avoid future headaches. After all, the company does not want to be stopped from working, and you do not want to be stopped from traveling, do you?

If this is your first trip, check the documentation required to take your passport. This process can take up to 30 days running, so nothing to do the request a week before the trip, okay ?! For those traveling with children, check the need for parental authorization and never board without documentation.

Other documents and / or information may be requested, such as proof of financial resources to be kept during the stay, proof of vaccination and travel insurance, but this will be discussed in the following item.


The company has delivered all the necessary documentation and is up and running. However, one of their trucks fell over and the entire load became unusable. To make matters worse the company did not have cargo insurance, and had to bear the losses.

Once again the management capacity must be used here, after all, anticipating against possible risks is an indispensable skill for any manager, and on a trip this is no different.

There are cases where this type of insurance is mandatory, as in most countries in Europe and the European Union. In them there is the requirement of a minimum coverage of 30 thousand euros, in order to ensure that the traveler has the means to afford possible expenses arising from medical or hospital care.

On a trip unforeseen events such as loss of luggage, flight cancellation, accidents during travel, illness or other situations.

But as a good manager and a cautious traveler, you do not need this to be a Travel insurance in your checklist. Hiring it must be one of the first items to be observed before embarking and will be your guarantee of protection in case of any needs, both domestically and abroad.

A Travel Assistant Company alert that travel insurance and health insurance are not the same thing. While the former provides coverage for accidents, illnesses, and other incidents during the travel period, the second covers only medical care, hospitalization, or health-related emergency situations.

It pays to spend a little more to have a series of coverages and benefits, after all, when it comes to travel and its tranquility, preventing is always the best medicine.


A good manager knows that the secret of success of any task is the organization. Be sure to carry only the essential, as there is a weight limit and it can be uncomfortable to carry huge bags around unnecessarily. It is worth checking the weather forecast for the destination and adjusting the suitcase to these factors. Prioritize versatile and comfortable clothing.

Always keep documents, pen and medications in the handbag. This will facilitate the search in times of need.


Finally, always make a reservation for emergencies. There may be unforeseen events, or you may need to pick up more public transport than planned, or it may be that you find an unmissable item that you definitely need to buy.

Whatever the reason, a financial reserve is essential for any trip (remember to convert currency), whether short or long term. The cost of living also varies greatly from place to place. So research, plan and organize so this is the first and most incredible journey of your life.

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Excel Spreadsheets


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