Lego Marketing Mix: The strategy that led LEGO to conquer the world

Lego Marketing Mix: The strategy that led LEGO to conquer the world
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Who does not know LEGO? Most likely the answer is unanimous! We all know this brand, and it probably was part of our childhood! And why do we still remember her today? Probably due to the lego marketing strategy!

What many people do not know, is that LEGO is a Danish company created in 1930! But, the booming success of today, occurred only in the 60 decade, when it achieved notoriety!

This change was due exclusively to a change in the way the lego marketing was accomplished! The same led to everything being forwarded so that LEGO today has the top position where it is.

Today we have decided to share with you the Marketing mix 4P from LEGO! We hope it helps you to change the way your business is structured!

Lego marketing: Everything you need to know about LEGO 4P

LEGO is very briefly a manufacturer of plastic construction toys!

What makes it different from competitors is that its marketing mix it's well worked in order to achieve all the objectives it proposes.

Thus, today we share with you the strategy of lay marketing.

1. Product

Lego is without a shadow of a doubt the brand's core product! The same included with the pair of colored plastic parts, mini figures and gears.

All pieces can be connected in different ways, building whatever the imagination remembers.

Along with the free constructions, LEGO also invested over the years in exclusive releases such as:

  • Lego Indiana Jones
  • Star Wars
  • Harry Potter
  • Ninjago
  • The island of Lego
  • Batman
  • The Marvel movies
  • Disney

Although these are the best known products, the truth is that LEGO also produces board games and clothing!

The wide variety of products associated with a world-renowned brand is what has become the biggest player in its field.

2. Distribution

The company headquarters is located in Denmark, and the main offices are strategically located in London, Shanghai, Enfield and Singapore.

When we talk about distribution, it is important to consider LEGO has online and offline distribution channels.

Online distribution takes place through its website, where the consumer has access to extra services such as product catalogs, related information and brochures of instruction.

When we talk about offline distribution there are 125 exclusive selling points around the world. Alongside them there are also several multi-brand outlets.

3. Price

O target Audience of LEGO are children from 3 to 15 years and whose families are in a middle / upper class.

Their products have an exceptional quality, mainly because those who handle them are children!

So, when it comes to price, the strategy is to implement an average value for high quality products. More Than One price strategy, LEGO is based on a value strategy.

So the same seems reasonable to your customers, who end up buying.

4. Communication

In the context of the communication, LEGO has already carried out dozens of promotional actions, which aim to increase brand recognition. Efforts are digital marketing industry, magazine publishing and store reinforcements!

In addition, LEGO also actively participates in several events that help you gain exposure.

As part of its promotional activity, My Lego Network. It includes badges, classifications, projects and items that can be obtained after completing and completing certain tasks.

As you can see, the lego marketing is highly diversified and invests primarily in quality and value for the consumer!

Thus, it is possible to realize that it is possible to be the brand #1 in a certain segment, without being the one that has a lower price.

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