More self-confidence please!

more self-confidence please
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by Mark Possati

How to increase confidence in yourself

Think of your goals, goals, dreams ... From small and simple to huge and audacious. To conquer any of them you must trust yourself. Overcome inner voices, overcome fears, face reproachful looks, withstand first objections, improve posture, and develop a positive mental attitude. And for that, the first step is to know what prevents you from believing in your potential.

What has stolen your trust?

If a person enters your home and steals your belongings, we can call the police and hold you accountable for your actions. However, it is very common for individuals to enter the lives of others, steal their confidence, their self-esteem, destroy their dreams and leave unscathed. In addition to third parties, we also allow our limiting thoughts and beliefs to prevent us from walking our paths. They are self-saboteurs who generate mental chatter that you will not succeed, that you are not good enough, that you will have other opportunities in the future. Self-reflecting and investigating your biggest fears is an incredible way to rationalize and strategize to grow.

Do you know what the greatest fear of humanity is?

Napoleon Hill was a journalist who investigated for 20 years, more than 16 thousand people and of these the most successful 500 like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Firestone, Gran bell, President Roosevelt among others. He has done several essential research for the study of leadership. According to the book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, there are 6 basic fears in mankind. Each of us suffers with one or a combination of them at some point in our lives. This is the order in which they usually appear:

  • The fear of poverty
  • The fear of criticism
  • Fear of health problems
  • Fear of losing someone's love
  • Fear of old age
  • The fear of death.

Each of them acts like a thief, stealing our trust in opportunities, in ourselves, in God or in humanity. Allowing them to increase and dominate our minds, imprisons us and does not let us grow. According to experts in psychiatry, the fear of speak in public is the greatest fear of humanity. And reflecting on this, we can see how we missed opportunities in job interviews, community meetings, and social and economic advancement. To overcome this excess of fears, the trick is to implement positive messages in our minds. The name of this is self-suggestion. Read on to learn more about this powerful tool!

Self-management of trust

The basic principle of self-suggestion is that it all starts in our mind, in our own imagination. It is there that the limits that you can make or become are defined. You can never go beyond the horizons that are severely and clearly outlined in your mind. So, to overcome your fears, make decisions today and convince your brain.

  1. Concerning the fear of poverty - firmly decide that you will accumulate wealth responsibly and that you will be happy to live with the wealth that you are able to accumulate. Rely on your potential and decide to stop focusing on what can go wrong and start focusing on what can work.
  2. In relation to the fear of criticism - decide not to worry about what others think of you. Suggest your mind that everyone will like what you are going to say or will do and it will be a great success. If your thoughts are in this vibration, success is much closer.
  3. Concerning the fear of poor health - decide to stop focusing on diseases and their associated symptoms. Stop filling your mind with images of real or imagined diseases. Decide to focus on living healthily.
  4. Concerning the fear of losing someone's love - decide to enjoy and value the love you receive and love in return with as much love as you can. Here you need to trigger trust again. If you are in a relationship thinking a lot about the chances of failure, the chance that you end up increases.
  5. The fear of old age - decide to accept old age as a blessing ... remember that many people have not yet had the privilege of reaching old age. Also decide to be grateful for the wisdom and experience that only comes with age. It will be the time to enjoy the fruits of your success. Trust!
  6. The fear of death - dealing with the fear of death is a very personal matter and depends heavily on the religion, culture and beliefs of people around the world. Evaluate your beliefs on the subject, but also decide to accept and make peace with life by understanding death and understanding it as a natural event. Trust your power to live intensely every minute on this great journey here on earth.

To overcome these fears and raise your confidence level you need to have AMP! Do not know this acronym? So let's find out what it is now!

AMP: Positive mental attitude: try and be free!

According to Napoleon Hill, positive mental attitude is crucial to the success of any strategy, as it influences your tone of voice, your posture, your facial expressions. It changes every word you say and determines the nature of the emotions you feel. It affects all the thinking you have and the results that your thoughts bring you. It is about doing more, for less and better, it starts with the decision to develop and exercise a “POSITIVE mental attitude”, where we must have correct customs in any situation, and this POSITIVE mental attitude is usually composed of the characteristics symbolized by words such as: Faith, integrity, hope, optimism, courage, initiative, generosity, tolerance, tact, kindness and common sense.

The daily habit of self-confidence

It is realized that to increase confidence in yourself it is necessary to change your thoughts, to fill with positive emotions and to overcome fears by suggesting your mind to trust in the future and in all its potential. It is a daily exercise and one that worked with persistence and discipline becomes a habit. So start today to trust the most important person in the universe: YOU, and have a positive mental attitude to conquer a much better world!

Excel Spreadsheets
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Director and Instructor of MasterMind® leadership training, behavior therapist at The Napoleon Hill Foundation (USA). Business administrator, with an MBA in business management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas. He has experience in the areas of purchasing and logistics and the entire supply chain, working in companies providing services to the oil and gas market in Macaé and Mossoró. He manages to combine experience in the corporate world with human development in his training and consulting rooms, taking Napoleon Hill's philosophy of personal achievement with practical actions and highly applicable resources and with experimental methodology.


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