Does the environment in which we feed influence productivity?

healthy eating and productivity
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This article was written by the partner of LUZ Nadia Cozzi, pscholar, consultant, culinarista and blogger.

Even the most unsuspecting know that quality food prioritizes fruits, vegetables and vegetables, preferably organic. This is undoubtedly a basic condition for a healthy and productive life.

More responsible companies care about the quality of life of their employees, constantly promoting lectures and workshops about healthy eating, work exercises, meditation, crafts, among others. Did you realize how well-being and productivity are linked?

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Academy at Work - Productivity

Perfect, but is it that the environment in which we make meals influences our health and productivity in some way, and to what extent is this taken into account not only by companies, but by people as a whole?

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It is certain that the Ministry of Labor provides specific rules on this in the case of Enterprises:

Pela Regulatory Standard 24 (NR-24) of the Ministry of Labor and Employment, a company with more than 300 employees, should offer a cafeteria, with some rules regarding its size, lighting and type of material.

Those from 30 to 300 workers can use a canopy or kitchen as long as they are off the desktop. Those with less than 30 employees may or may not have their own place, and many are allowed to have the meal done in the workplace.

Perfect ... standards exist and must be fulfilled, but the subject matter may be more complex than one might think.

The human body is a perfect machine, but day-to-day pressures (stress, ultra-processed food, work, study, family, money) produce serious, disease-causing wear.

human body - productivity

It is not by chance that the day is divided into 3 steps. In the morning most people are more alert, rested, more energetic. The brain works at all, it's a great time to solve work issues, hold meetings, create projects, etc.

In the afternoon the physique is at its peak and the brain slower, excellent to get to work. From 18 hours the body begins to prepare for rest, for sleep. Of course there are people with different biological clocks, but they should be equally attentive to their periods of activity and rest.

Why should food breaks be respected?

Meal times serve as a divisor between each of these times of the day. And there goes the old maxim of the breakfast as king, lunch as prince and dinner as a beggar.

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We need to signal to our brains that we have gone from one stage to the next, and this becomes increasingly difficult in modern society with its disordered lifestyle, skipped meals, almost plastified foods, stuffed with empty calories.

Our biological clock, governed by variations day and night, light and dark, sun and moon, go crazy. The consequences are clearly felt in food processes: appetite increases, digestion is poor, the metabolism of sugars and fats affects organs such as the liver and intestines.

As important as healthy eating is where we make our meals!

They are canteens, restaurants or even stalls with the most different product options, they are usually noisy places, where people fill their dishes almost always with no criteria, and eat in a hurry, looking almost obsessively at their cell phones, tablets or note- books. If they are in a group, the subject invariably revolves around work. They can not turn themselves off and have a quiet meal.

innovative cafeteria of a company

In the street, in a hurry, often because we decide to give up the meal time to do other things, we seek practicality. Here the choices invariably lie with the ultra processed ones (fastfoods, cookies, sweets, snacks). Practical, ready and available at hand.

Distractions prevent us from perceiving aromas, seasonings, crunchiness and worse, from assessing what and how much we are eating. We swallow without chewing, the digestive process is impaired and the stomach suffers. Allied to this, we have little absorption of the nutrients by lack of saliva and its enzymes. Without nutrients we become weak, without energy, without creativity.

Eating more or less has everything to do with the environment we choose for meals

With attention focused on the act of feeding the brain has the basic conditions to command the satiety factor. But make no mistake: you may be ingesting the same calories by eating 2 crackers or a real food dish, except he did not have the time to process the time to stop eating and also how the volume is smaller, if you eat more.

A quiet, quiet, airy, bright place, good music, helps in relaxation, the brain rests, making it easier to organize thoughts and let new ideas flow.

Try to be comfortable, if possible close to nature, as a park for example, at those times the pots and pans are great companions, healthy and economical.

Like the environment, the people with whom you eat also interfere with the value of a good meal. Avoid arguments, hectic people, bring work problems to the table.

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Summing up food is not killing hunger, devouring anxieties or swallowing upset. Food means nourishing in all aspects of our lives.

But how to change, I have no time, the place where lunch is busy ...

There are always ways to improve, I'll give you some tips:

  • Fruits are excellent fastfoods, have you noticed? It already comes in the packaging.
  • Chestnuts, nuts and dried fruit cheat well at snack time
  • Kettles, pot salads or fruit salads can be made on Saturdays and Sundays and are ready for the entire week.
  • In restaurants a kilo, before you serve yourself, look at all the options and set up a beautiful and colorful dish. Nothing large, eat the salads first and then serve the rest, always in small portions, if you want more repeat. The brain will have time to process and send signals of satisfaction.
  • If you have a garden or square near the restaurant, make your plate and go eat there.
  • Use your cell phone, tablet or notebook in your favor, put on quiet music, look for a window onto the street and ready to enjoy the scenery.
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