The end of an era, goodbye Google AdWords.

The end of an era, goodbye Google AdWords.
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Well, it was good while it lasted. But, every story has an end, and this is another case. On 24 on July 2018, the Google Ad Tag was changed. Now the, AdWords happens to be called - Google Ads.

And what does this change for you that already makes disclosure on the platform? Nothing!

Yeah, it was just a name change. But, let's look at the history of this platform that accounts for most of Google's source of income.

Well, when we talk about paid ads on the internet, we remember those green stripe links (formerly yellow), which appear at the top of the searches, well, this is the AdWords, or better, it was.

The end of an era, goodbye Google AdWords.

Google used the term AdWords therefore, when separating the terms, we have AD - announcement and WORDS - words. Soon, the ad was the words used. But, time passes, the changes happen, the news appears and we begin to divulge, images, videos and banners. Even the AdWords already counted on these new systems, that is, the change is now only in name. Other platforms already use this term because they already work with other ad models, such as Facebook ads and Instagram ads.

So, bringing the Google name, the ADS term, is the final implementation of the update of the one that in 2011 accounted for approximately 96% of your billing.

It should be noted, once again, that nothing on the platform has changed, besides the name. Features, projects already done, campaigns, ads, data already collected, everything is still there.

Today, 24 from July, the new brand went live, but you can still access by the old link:

But, the warning remains, from the 27 day, only the new link will work:

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  1. Hi Alan, this is it, I must make the whole process very carefully so as not to lose good opportunities and no money at all

  2. Wow, I went to Google Adwords this week and I noticed that it goes to another type of page, this one changed, I hope it does not get confused right now, because before I had to know how to create a good campaign, now that it has changed a little, care, even to create for customers.


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