The 10 Most Awesome Videos I've Ever Seen From TEDx

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For those who do not know, TED began at 1984 as an annual conference there in the United States. The ideal of the event was to have "ideas that deserve to be scattered", that is, transformative ideas, the kind that is worth "losing" a few minutes of your listening life. Another nice thing about them is the format, which is 18 minutes at most, very different from the lectures you used (or used to) to 1 hour and a half right?

Well, from the outset the event was an incredible success, but since you do not want to hear me talking about the focus of TED (which is Technology, Entertainment and Design, but has already expanded to pretty much anything that's worth spreading), Let's go to the best videos I've seen and I think it's worth it to see it too !!! To make your life easier, I'll sort in blocks:

I. Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship and Change:

01. Vera Cordeiro - In this video, she, who is the founder of Saúde Criança, a sensational NGO that does a very good job in RJ tells a little about her history. He really likes the issue of overcoming and really believing in his ideas. Worth every entrepreneur!

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B. Bunker Roy - The University of Barefoot is simply amazing, a paradigm shift in educational issues and the ability of people to learn.

w. Taylor Conroy - When I first met his story I found it very cool what he did (I keep finding). Simply spending 3 hours of your life and getting money to build a school in Kenya is no small feat if you liked it, watch the video!

Rodrigo Arboleda - One of the founders of One Laptop Per Child, an NGO working on the issue of technology inclusion in teaching children and young people.

Daniel Epstein - Bizarrely inspiring to hear this guy. I really like his insights and, most importantly, the Unreasonable Institute, founded by him!

II. Entrepreneurship, Business and Motivation

Ricardo Bellino - This guy is a born entrepreneur. His story is pretty cool, but what I like most about this video is when he talks about Shark Tank. Simply put, never stand still! It is worth checking.

Yuri Gitahy - Throughout this video, the founder of Accelerator talks about various topics that we are fans here at LUZ, from the importance of making changes in your business (pivot) to having a simplification of your final product (MVP) to test the with your target audience.

III. Connections and Inspiration

Ricardo Guimarães - I had the possibility to see this TEDx personally and it was very intense. I think it talks about an art that we forget in the individualistic world that we live, that of depending

José Pacheco - I had even thought about putting this video in the first block, but it is so inspiring (okay, I know the others are too) in questions about how the Brazilian Education is, which I found it cool to put here. Well cool his view on politics, educational system and other things more Brazilian (detail that he is Portuguese)

Ric Elias - About how nearly dying in a plane crash has changed his life. Makes us think, do I have to almost die or suffer an accident to take better advantage of the things that are happening today?


I know I do not know even one-tenth of all TED videos, so if you've seen one that has really transformed your life or the way you think, comment below with the link, I sure want to see a lot more videos. And if you like TED a lot, you can try to be a speaker, just access this site.

Still in time, there is a Facebook group that will really like your contribution too, just click here.

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  1. Opa Adriano,

    Well, the TED is definitely worth seeing! And it is in the hope that already already rolls a post of these yes!

    Big hug

  2. Falae Rafael !!!

    It has been a while since I commented this post talking about the videos of Pacheco and Eli Pariser ...
    I still think that Pacheco is the most interesting of all I've seen, but I just watched this one and thought it was cool to share:

    It's a guy named Nigel Marsh who talks about the balance between professional and personal life ...
    The ending is great, when he talks about an afternoon spent with his youngest son!

    Well, as I said I'm a fan of the vision of you here of the Light, I leave the request of a post on this subject ...
    Rola ??? LOL…

    Big hug!!!

  3. Opa Adriano! Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like our blog and I'm a big Pacheco fan too. As for Eli Pariser, that's it, I found it nice to have his TED on the Filter Bubbles, thanks for the tip!

  4. Hi Accioli. Thanks a lot for the contribution. Well, even the Tim Harford video. I think our economists and many entrepreneurs suffer from this complex. A good insight to think more about making and receiving feedback than we are doing is to think for a lifetime about what we think it can be. Big hug

  5. This one by José Pacheco is sensational indeed !!!

    There's one about something Eli Pariser calls "The Filter Bubble."
    It's not as inspiring as Joseph's, but it shows us something interesting about an "invisible hand" that controls what we get from Google searches, for example.

    Note: sensational tb the content of this blog !!!

  6. Rafael, congratulations for the initiative ... TED is mana for responsible innovation. I am TEDmaniac (rss), so I decided to bring an important video for appreciation, especially for believers in the science of complexity. Tim Harford talks about what he calls the "complex of God." Hope you like it!


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