Technological trends have the potential to increase a website's engagement

Technological trends have the potential to increase a website's engagement
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It is known that the good use of technology offers benefits not only in financial terms, but also in terms of productivity and human relations. Thus, being attentive to innovations in this area is in the interest of both companies, whether large or not, as well as potential customers.

From these innovations, trends emerge, and for any entrepreneur the great challenge becomes to make the best possible use of such tools. This article aims to highlight four resources to consider to make websites more attractive to both customers and prospects.

Machine learning

Machine learning, or machine learning, refers to the subfield of artificial intelligence in which the software is oriented according to the user's behavior patterns, in order to understand their preferences. As explained in the video below, from the YouTube channel Didactic Tech, it is a model based on trial and error, rather than on pre-established instructions.

This process can be observed very well in the streaming music Spotify. The platform's famous algorithms draw a profile of each listener based on the tracks he / she plays, and from there a curated playlists, of which the great highlight is the “Discoveries of the Week”.

This playlist stands out for being automatic and at the same time personalized: it is a selection of 30 tracks that a user has never heard (at least not on Spotify), but that fit his profile as a listener. Thus, a fan of the American Devendra Banhart, for example, may be pleasantly surprised to be introduced to the music of Cuban Silvio Rodríguez or the British of the Incredible String Band.

High definition technology

An important factor for companies that are somehow connected to technological innovations is to have a digital presence that is top of the line in every way. For this reason, in addition to the design of a website, it often makes all the difference to use audio and video reproduction equipment that does not leave anything due to what you see in a TV production.

A beautiful example of this is what has been done by the Betway platform online live casino, which simulates the atmosphere of a physical casino thanks to the use of high definition technology in its live broadcast.

This means that, due to the platform's investment in cutting-edge technologies, the experience offered to users comes close to the feeling of being inside a real casino, as traditional modalities, such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat - and also television games, such as famous Deal or No Deal, whose Brazilian version is shown on SBT as Topa or Não Topa -, can be enjoyed immersively.

In addition, other types of innovation, such as multi-camera technology, applied to the live roulette game, are also used by the platform, further intensifying the customer experience.

Localization mechanisms

There are several sites that seek, automatically, to know in advance the location of its users in order to present them with an experience that is more relevant. Because of this, the various internet browsers offer the option of allowing a website to track the user's physical location. Some of these browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, also have the possibility to authorize or not to crawl in each case.

For some companies, however, knowing where to find a person who is browsing your page is essential. And it can be said that Vivo found a simple way to solve this issue: when accessing the company page, the user needs to choose his city and only after entering this information he will in fact be directed to the main page, with information and personalized offers according to your location - which, by the way, can be changed at any time from the top right corner of the screen.

Fixed forms

It is not new that it is very common to see a fixed bar in the upper corner of the screen of different sites that accompanies the user even when he scrolls down to the end of a certain page. Generally, this bar displays the website's main menu and / or a search engine, as seen on the website page. clothing company Dafiti.

In you can see something a little different: when you access the page with the review of any football match, a bar appears at the bottom of the screen with the following question: “Did you find what you were looking for?”. Depending on the answer given, other options appear that allow a more specific answer to be given. This is a great way for site editors to get to know what a reader is really looking for when accessing a match summary.

It is also worth mentioning that, on the same, when accessing the page about any football club, another question appears in the lower left corner of the screen: “[XXX] is your team at heart?”. Again, this is a great example of personalization, albeit of a different type from that made by Vivo.

Some final considerations

Everything that was seen in this article refers to technological innovations that can help a website to engage users or, if applicable, even convert them into customers. But it is important to remember that the best conversion and engagement strategies are of little value if these potential customers do not reach a particular website in any way.

This is of the highest importance even for Vivo and Spotify, which are well-known brands in their respective segments. It is no coincidence that these companies generally invest both in paid traffic and in strategies that have the potential to increase organic traffic to their sites.

Such strategies like SEO (Search Engine Optimization, in English), as they are of lower cost, they can be even more relevant for startups. After all, a creative approach that takes into account the buyer's journey it is something to be taken into account by a company whose budget does not always include large investments in this area.

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