What forms of payment should I accept in my business?

What forms of payment should I accept in my business?
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It is no use having the best products or offering excellent services if your business does not have the essentials. Whether you are a freelance professional or manager of a small business, physical or virtual, it is important to know that the market today demands a variety in payment methods.

Explaining better: every effort to to attract leads and convert them into customers It can be in vain if your visitor forgets to buy due to lack of payment option.

Therefore, the key is to facilitate the service to the various customer profiles in the market. This way you guarantee the competitiveness of your company.

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The importance of offering more than one option

Imagine the following situation: The customer comes to your store, but when you pay for the product you find that you do not have enough money at that time.

Another example: it's month-end and your customer is tight on bills. He needs the product right away, but can only pay in a week, when he will receive a new salary.

You as an entrepreneur will stop secure a sale? Of course not!

Keep in mind that the expansion in payment methods is directly proportional to the billing. The greater the variety in payment options, the greater the chance of selling more. That simple!

What are the most used payment methods

Year by year surveys show the fall in the number of people who prefer to pay cash bills. Meanwhile, alternative forms gain space in the consumption habits of Brazilians.

Know the most used payment methods in the market, with advantages for companies and customers.

Credit card

The credit modality has become popular because it allows less resourceful customers to buy larger products by dividing the amount in installments.

When the consumer makes a purchase by this method, the bank agrees to pass on the value to the company. If you buy in installments, you can receive the cash value for a fee. If the consumer does not pay their credit card bill, the bank makes the payment to the company. This gives security to those who purchase and incorporate the service.

Bank slip

This is a traditional form of payment that does its job well. Only in Brazil are More than 3,6 billion slips issued every year. It is the preferred method of 75 of consumers..

The explanation for this is that many Brazilians still feel safer using the billet, as they don't need to enter bank details and have a longer time to pay off.

Once the ticket is generated, it can be paid to banks, correspondents, lotteries, applications or Internet Banking.

Another advantage is the possibility of giving discounts, as the billet rates may be lower compared to the credit card.

Remember that all these advantages found in the use of bank slip can also be attributed to the booklet. The main difference is in how to use them: while the ticket is used in purchases in which a single installment will be paid, the payment can be made in the form of monthly payments.

How to offer these services more simply

If understanding the importance of payment methods has raised concerns about how to put it into practice, don't worry!

No bargaining with each of the financial institutions in the market. For this there are the payment intermediariesSecure and versatile platforms that receive payments, especially online.

Quite simply, these tools act as bridges between you and the financial institutions responsible for each form of payment, be it billet or card. This eliminates paperwork and ensures secure 100% transactions for your customers.

In addition to billing tools for clients, the intermediary offers a set of actions, such as data security and receivables management. This facilitates the identification of defaulters, for example.

Billets and many credit card banners can be accepted with this online solution.

Considering the entry into force of mandatory bill of exchange, this type of service becomes even more interesting. Using intermediaries, the transition from unregistered slips to registered slips is easy. Many companies offer the issuance of a registered ticket without charging the registration fee. That is, you only pay if you receive from your customer.

By relying on the services of this system, you save time and can focus on other business issues.

Text written by the writing team of Gestãonet, a collection solutions company that aims to facilitate the entrepreneurial financial management from all over Brazil.

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