Start Tendencies The 10 Most Creative Platforms to Make Your Portfolio Online

The 10 Most Creative Platforms to Make Your Portfolio Online

The 10 Most Creative Platforms to Make Your Portfolio Online

The curriculum is certainly the indispensable item for those seeking to change jobs or enter the job market. However, more than one resume ready to edit and putting it on the market, the portfolio is a crucial choice when it comes to getting a job.

Designers, editors, journalists and other professionals surely make your portfolio the positive differential of your work. And in this sense, it is important to know the most creative platforms to show their capacity publicly.

So we split a list with the 10 more creative platforms to make your portfolio online and win the dream job. Enjoy!

1 Behance

Adobe's platform is virtually unanimous among designers, editors, videographers, and other visual art professions, such as photographers and illustrators.

With incredible organizational Behance, in some cases, has a higher weight than the curriculum, since it really shows the ability to execute a professional.

2 Dribbble

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A platform that self-proclaims the fate of designers and creators, the Dribbble is an excellent choice for those who work directly in the world of the arts. With an approach very similar to that of its competitors, the site also bets on the creation of an ecosystem where interested by visual works, independent of the branch of action, can connect.

Dribble also offers a job portal, which shortens the way of the talents with the companies that seek them out. It is worth checking!

3. WordPress

One of the most well-known platforms for website building, the WordPress bet on the flexibility to offer as a viable option when setting up your portfolio. For professionals who want to go beyond the display of their work, WordPress also offers the option of blogging and the unlimited creation of pages with different objectives.

If you are looking for options and would like to spend more time building your portfolio, WordPress is a very interesting - and creative solution.

4 Wix

Following the same line of WordPress, the Wix sells ease and agility for professionals who want to create a beautiful online portfolio. A plus of Wix is ​​that it also allows you, as well as your competitor, to go beyond displaying jobs to build a complete website, with blog, contact area, customer page and more.

If you want flexibility in customizing your portfolio, but are not willing to waste too much time on setup, Wix is ​​a wise choice.

5 Carbonmade

And in the "war" of portfolio platforms, the Carbonmade you may consider yourself a veteran.

With extreme simplicity of use, the site works with texts, images, audios and videos, with the last two available only on paid plans. Regardless, Carbonmade is an excellent choice to keep everything organized, divided by projects and with relevant information about your professional background.

6. Cargo Collective

O Cargo Collective offers some interesting options to differentiate yourself from the competition. Customizing HTML and CSS, for example, makes frontend developers able to display some of their knowledge.

In addition, the option to configure slideshows makes the visualization of projects very easy and centralized, which makes life easier for those who are looking for a good professional.

7. Coroflot

Two differentials make the Coroflot a great choice for create a successful portfolio: the possibility of getting traffic data in their works, mainly discovering the most popular, as well as the massive presence of big companies such as Facebook, Nike, Google and Apple, who actively work on the site looking for talent.

8. is dedicated to journalists, writers and copywriters, although it also serves video professionals because of the ability to embed videos in the profile.

In addition, jobs saved in PDF formats are recognized by the site, which creates a gallery with the documents sent. Worth knowing.

9. PortfolioBox

The large differential, in its paid version, PortfolioBox is the ability to create an "e-commerce" in conjunction with its portfolio, which makes it attractive for some professionals. In addition, he is very competent in displaying his creations in an extremely creative way.

10. Adobe Portfolio

Another Adobe service as an alternative for professionals who use their products on a daily basis. In addition to synchronizing with Behance, the service offers domain customization, layout and number of images, among other items. It certainly is a strong bet for the future.

Did you like the platforms we present? Of course, many have been left out of this list, but there are plenty of options to build your portfolio. So choose your favorite and good luck!

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