The Secret of Personal Financial Planning Success

Excel Spreadsheets

Personal financial planning is done for 1 year of your life and makes you organize today with a focus on the future, defining how much money you will need to live and to fulfill your dreams.

But if you think that planning is complex because it involves a lot of information and calculations, and unpredictable because life is unpredictable, you stop taking control of your financial life.

Spreadsheets and calculations are necessary, as you will have to schedule all your expenses month by month and forecast your monthly income and extras such as holidays, 13th salary or profit withdrawal if you are an entrepreneur.

They are simple calculations and with a good excel spreadsheet or personal finance application becomes an easy task, without saying that it is only once a year that you do your planning. Once done, you just follow up and make monthly adjustments.

By making your annual expenditure and income forecast, you find out if you are going to run out or run out of money over the months and, of course, make upfront decisions about running out of money focusing on saving or cutting expenses and, for the remainder, how to invest that amount with goal of saving money to pay for your dreams.

The secret of financial planning success

Now if you are planning only with a focus on numbers, it may not be very motivating. There has to be a stronger reason to plan. Personal Financial Planning it has to be related to a life project, dreams and a life purpose. This is the secret for your planning to work!

If you define your purpose in life and your dreams, having money will make more sense because you will turn those dreams into financial goals to accomplish your purpose. Financial planning becomes important because it is the means by which you will obtain the necessary money to realize your dreams.

Personal financial planning is important because:

- Makes you have more control over spending, avoiding superfluous and stop spending for nothing to save money to pay for dreams

- Creates the commitment to invest every month to have the money to pay for dreams

- It brings motivation for you to earn more money by being a better professional, being well paid because it stands out in your profession and your position

- Generates more predictability in your financial life because you know how much you can spend and do not lose control of spending, establish goals to meet and create financial reserves for unforeseen events

Therefore, with discipline and control, your financial life will be more predictable and you will be more fulfilling. You will make financial decisions more carefully and always with a focus on what is most important to you, that is, prioritize making your dreams come true than making superfluous spending, impulse spending or unnecessary debt.

It is also very important that you create the discipline of waiting. We often want everything for today and pay dearly or borrow unnecessarily because we don't know how to wait for the right moment to have what we want.

You must create a taste for waiting, that is, happy waiting because you know that you are on the right path to make your dreams come true, that each passing day is a small achievement, but that added day by day makes you have great achievements. And you will be happy not only when you realize your dream, but also on the journey to realize this dream.

The importance of dreams in personal financial planning

And what are dreams? It's all you want for you, your family or community that is part of. Buying a new car, owning a home, raising and raising children, taking trips, being a successful professional, having quality of life, helping people in need or friends and family.

Dreaming doesn't cost you money, realizing the dream will cost you having money to pay for the dream. Therefore, having your personal financial planning must be very important to you because it is not just about having money but about your life and it is very valuable.

Personal Financial Planning

Personal financial planning is the way to achieve financial success and have a more controlled financial life with planning, discipline and a vision of the future. You define what you want for your life and create the financial conditions to fulfill those desires.

Personal financial planning only makes sense, therefore, if it has a link to your life project. To give due importance to money not as something to accumulate more and more often at the expense of your health, your dignity or harming others, but as a means of paying for your dreams and making it worth living.

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Excel Spreadsheets


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