What are the requirements for developing systems

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Knowing what are the requirements for developing systems is an important step for everyone involved in creating software.

As you know, developing systems is not a small investment. Developing software involves several costs.

In addition to the investment in the software development, it is necessary to rely on infrastructure and also has the fixed cost of maintaining the systems.

Therefore, attention must be redoubled in the initial phase of the project, where development requirements are elicited.

In addition, knowing what they are and writing the requirements, the system development process is easier to design, and as a result, the cost tends to decrease.

However, for this to be possible, it is necessary that the technical leader of your development team is in direct contact with the customer to learn more about the details of their operational difficulties, and also to know the features of the future system.

With this information, it is possible to develop a system according to what has been established by the customer and also within the project budget.

In any project, knowing what the requirements of developing systems are will enable development in a clearer way, and closer to providing a solution to the customer's problem.

However, if you are starting out in this area and do not know what these requirements are, don't worry: we will give a brief introduction about them in this article.

What are requirements for developing systems?

requirements for developing systems

When it comes to requirements for developing systems, we understand that it is a customer request to meet their needs, requirements and desires. According to the IEEE-90 standard they can be defined as:

  • Capacity or a set of functionalities that the user needs to solve or achieve some objective.
  • A capacity that needs to be met within a system to satisfy a contract.
  • The set of data that form the basis for the development of a system or component.

What are the types of requirements for developing systems?

The requirements have their characteristics, as the requirements engineering focuses mainly on the system requirements.

Basically, a requirement describes how the system should be or behave.

In addition to them, there are also those that are part of the project and the process. The requirements are classified as functional and non-functional.

  • Functional Requirements: As the name explains, they refer to the system's functionalities, its functions, business rules, among others.
  • Non-functional requirements: This part refers to technical requirements, such as aspects of system security, performance, failure prevention, among others.

How is the Requirements Engineering process?

For the system to have a good development, first, it is necessary to identify what are the requirements for develop systemstherefore, starting from this phase, it is possible to identify potential challenges that, if not corrected soon, can compromise the development time and the value of the system.

This process is initiated by eliciting requirements, which can be obtained in different ways, for example, in meetings, documents, interviews, among other methods.

System requirements elicitation and analysis

What are the requirements for developing systems 1

In this first phase, it is necessary to identify the problems and give a brief description on how to solve the problem.

Then, it is necessary to speak with the client to obtain more information about the project, through which the preliminary requirements for the development of the system are collected.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that requirements are essential to make the price estimate, modeling, design, implementation and among other procedures.

That is, the requirements are fundamental to the life of the system that is being created. And it will have a direct impact on its maintenance.

Specifying system requirements

In this part, you can contain the functional and non-functional requirements or even the layout of the product.

However, it is important that each feature is described step by step well with due restrictions.

Validation of system requirements

After writing the needs of your customer / user, it is important to validate the data.

This validation can take place through a meeting, so that those responsible for the project sign the document to validate the data.

System requirements documentation

Documenting the requirements for developing systems is important in all scenarios, precisely to maintain the request history and understand the reason for design decisions in the future.

Therefore, you must document everything about the project starting with:

  • Introduction,
  • Product overview,
  • Specific technical terms,
  • Abbreviations and acronyms,
  • Involved and Users
  • Functional and non-functional requirements.


This article aims to provide a basis for getting to know what are the requirements for developing systems. These are some important information about the requirements and procedures necessary for the development of systems.

Through well-organized requirements, it is possible to create complete software projects within your company's budget.

In addition to the requirements for creating a system, you can use industry models to help guide you through the requirements gathering process.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. Enjoy and share this article with your friends.

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