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In this category we try to explain some concepts of business management. In addition to academically explaining management theories, we always try to show their use in practice through our spreadsheet. Some concepts that we decide to demystify: Inventory control, SWOT Analysis, Box control, Quality management and much more. We hope you enjoy it!

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The Ultimate Guide to Product Management Process

If you are extremely passionate about product development and management, it's time to take a guided tour where you will learn the mechanisms and tools ...

Free cash flow: 5 tips on how it should be calculated

Free cash flow is the balance you have available at your company. That is, it is that money that is left after ...
digital marketing and multilevel marketing

Difference between Digital Marketing and Multilevel Marketing

In times of social confinement and unemployment, people are increasingly looking for opportunities to earn extra income or become entrepreneurs, and ...

What is Digital Marketing and the difference from traditional?

Digital marketing, online marketing, Internet advertising, no matter what you call it, marketing your business online is big business today. After all,...
strategic planning results

The Importance of Strategic Planning

The importance of strategic marketing planning represents a roadmap for introducing and delivering your product or service to potential customers and receiving ...
it manager

IT Governance: Processes for information security 

For companies looking to stand out in the IT market, it is necessary to establish processes to ensure team efficiency and quality ...
B2B market: know the main characteristics

B2B market: know the main characteristics

If you are reading this post, then you have probably heard of the B2B market, also known as Business to Business, right? Among others...
Ask questions about affiliate marketing

Ask questions about affiliate marketing

For those who want to undertake it is important to know bureaucracies, count on various forms of payment, accept the ideal credit cards and understand about different ...
Project Office - PMO

Project Office - PMO

If your company has many projects, surely it has already faced the need to prioritize them according to the strategy or to standardize ...
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