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People are the true investments of companies. Some are reluctant to invest more in looking at this area as strategic, but there is a strong demand for services that improve the HR areas in the market. Below are some examples and spreadsheets for a human resources consultancy.

In this article we will talk about:

Human Resource Worksheet Package

The Human Resources Consulting Scenario

If you do a search for human resources consultancy you will find that the vast majority of the links you come across are related to recruitment and selection specialized in the allocation of professionals. The thing is, we know that a consulting job in people management it can cover much more than an employee's first step in entering your company.

Just so you have the notion, it is possible to carry out human resources consulting work aimed at:

  • Performance evaluation (can be by skills)
  • Management of competences
  • Organizational weather research
  • Plan for jobs and wages
  • Organization of functional structure and organization chart
  • Employee registration and control
  • Training (performance, evaluation or control)
  • Strategy of the area of ​​human resources (control of indicators)
  • Personal department organization (payroll, pay stubs and overtime control)
  • Recruitment and selection (selection process)

It will all depend on your expertise and knowledge. I've met consultants who worked on a single emphasis, as well as a few others who acted on everything. You do not have it right or wrong and regardless of whether you are a specialist or generalist, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with these 9 spreadsheets that can help you organize your HR consulting:

Human Resource Worksheet Package

1. Performance evaluation worksheet

Performance appraisal is one of the most important HR activities of a company. It is through this evaluation of employees that it will be possible to measure who is doing well or poorly assertively. More than that, with the competency performance assessment worksheet one can also organize an 360 assessment degrees, where employees working together are evaluated, generating a fairer note for each participant in the process:

Performance Evaluation - choice of competencies

This data can be used as a guide for future promotions or even layoffs:

Performance Evaluation - Criteria for Promotion and Meritocracy

Not to mention that the worksheet can give you a complete and visual view of each of the employees. Here's an example of this graphical analysis:

Performance Evaluation - Performance Charts

What to do with this information

  • Organize the most important skills for the company
  • Schedule training to meet the highest lag points
  • Choose employees to be promoted
  • Choose employees who will be fired
  • Direct a job rotation program between areas

Now imagine yourself in a human resource consulting for a company managing to give that amount of insight to a manager. It's more than good, it can revolutionize his company.

Human Resource Worksheet Package

2. Human Resource Indicators Worksheet

A major problem in some areas of human resources is to think hard on the "people" side and forget about the "strategic" side. That is why, in my opinion, having a direct approach to the use of indicators is essential and, with human resources indicators sheet, this task becomes possible:

HR Indicators Worksheet - Rotativity

Note that when filling in postings, you can automatically view the main HR data and indicators of the company in question. The cool thing about it all is that in the end, everything is available to view or to create totally visual reports with graphics and the main information:

HR Indicators Worksheet - Graphs

What to do with this information

  • Define more important indicators to be followed
  • Analyze turnover rate and turnover
  • Analyze revenue indicator per employee and cost per employee
  • Establish strategies for problems identified in indicators
  • Set goals in conjunction with company HR manager

This type of approach is often overlooked and it is the role of the human resources consultant to remember this path wherever possible.

Human Resource Worksheet Package

3. Training and development control worksheet

Another key role of the human resources consultant is to organize, monitor, and evaluate a company's training and development schedule. With one training control worksheet this role is possible. As I said in this article, I strongly recommend that this choice be made in conjunction with a performance assessment and a climate research.

In this way, the choice of training is conditioned to the performance of the employees (exposed in the performance evaluation) of the company and also to their wishes (described in the climate research). Here's how a monthly dashboard for conducting training:

training and development - general control

What to do with this information

  • Raise the amount of training performed
  • Determine total costs with training
  • Determine costs per hour of training
  • Determine costs per training participant
  • Aim at the average rating of the trainings
  • (Re) Organize the training schedule

These are general indicators that can help a manager make changes and prioritize certain trainings. It is also possible to show specific data of the trainings that were more expensive or cheaper and compare with the evaluation of the participants to know the cost benefit of each one.

Human Resource Worksheet Package

4. Employee registration and control

An item that is somewhat obvious, but that sometimes goes unnoticed is the follow-up of employees who enter (and leave) a company. With the employee registration and control worksheet you can keep an accurate record of when admissions, layoffs, and general payments have occurred.

See in the table below that you can see the number of employees, salary information, additional and various other items to help control what is happening in the company's HR.

human resource consulting - employee control sheet

What to do with this information

  • Review employee history
  • Check for relevant changes in key spreadsheet indicators
  • Investigate reasons why they happened
  • Create action plans to address gaps

Human Resource Worksheet Package

5. Organizational weather research

Climate research is one of the main indicators when it comes to employee satisfaction with the company as a whole, its relationship with subordinates and superiors, and also with the environment in general. With the organizational climate research worksheet it is possible to pass the questionnaire to all employees of the company and compile the data in an easy way. So you can get the answer reports for each of the key questions:

human resources consulting - organizational climate research worksheet

In the example above, we have 3 answers important questions and the answers indicate a good level of satisfaction of the company as a whole in these questions.

What to do with this information

  • Identify areas of most exacerbated dissatisfaction
  • Check whether dissatisfaction
  • Create contingency plans to address identified issues
  • Analyze best rated items
  • Create internal plans to expand what is going well

Human Resource Worksheet Package

Other important worksheets for a human resources consultancy

If you are a human resources consultant, you may have missed some important activities for a consultancy in this area. So I've listed more 4 worksheets (and I've separated some of them) that I find quite useful at certain times:

How to use hours bank - hours worked

Payroll - holerite

Human Resource Worksheet Package

2 Questions to the Human Resources Consultant

If you are a consultant in the area of ​​HR, I have two questions to know what you do most in your consulting. Just reply in the comments below:

  • Are you a more specialist (only one type of project) or generalist (works with all types of projects)?
  • Which projects do you usually do most often?

Human Resource Worksheet Package

Excel Spreadsheets


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