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In this article we will talk about:

Biggest issues for managing your business

It is not today that we know the importance of having a good control of the data and information of a company, after all, what is not measured, is not managed. This is one of the great reasons for use of management tools in all areas of your business.

The problem is that even knowing this, several micro-entrepreneurs, managers and small business entrepreneurs do not manage their day to day problems:

  • Difficulty developing and / or using spreadsheets
  • Lack of management knowledge
  • Problems paying for expensive and fee-charging software

I will show that it is possible to manage your company only with spreadsheets and that if you have a good routine and discipline you will know all the key indicators of your business.

Because some feel that spreadsheets are not enough

When I talk to people who do not like to use spreadsheets, the arguments are almost always the same. We recently conducted a survey and of those who answered that they did not like using spreadsheets (21% of respondents), these were the main reasons:

  • 50% find complicated worksheets
  • 37% does not have time to develop
  • 10% find worksheets limited
  • the rest was divided between items as they serve for few operations or that give problems

But what if I told you now that all these arguments are "overcome" by the spreadsheets of the Light? Just to give you an idea, we have developed spreadsheets that are NOT complicated (they have a ready structure, step by step and explanatory video of completion), which are already ready for you not to waste time and that already have all the functionalities of Excel ready for you use.

If you're still a bit skeptical I recommend you take a look at our spreadsheets site and check it out with your own eyes. All spreadsheets have a demo version and an explanation of everything they deliver.

See how to manage your business with spreadsheets only

Well, if we have already agreed that it is possible and good to manage your company with only spreadsheets, I can show you the main spreadsheets that you can use in your daily life


It will help you to control your financial in a complete way, just by recording the income and expenses you will be able to see reports of cash flow (cash scheme), statement of income for the year (accrual basis), accounts payable and receiving, as well as a series of graphs and alerts.

It allows you to understand how many units of your product or service need to be sold so you have neither profit nor loss (breakeven point). With this in mind it is possible to understand if you have the productive capacity or demand to move forward or if you need to make changes like reducing costs or increasing the price.

Simply the best tool for analyzing the feasibility of new business. It can also be used to purchase a machine, open a new point of sale or even carry out specific projects. With this worksheet you will be able to analyze your main return indicators (NPV, TIR and Payback)

Other worksheets that can help you in the financial area:

If your problem is only with the financial area, it might be worth business finance spreadsheet package.

Marketing and Sales

For companies with customer control, in addition to assisting sales management, negotiating values ​​and goals, it provides an understanding of which are the best customers. With it, you can create strategies to close contracts or to have an even better relationship with your top clients.

Essential for any business that works with the sales funnel. With this worksheet you can analyze which stage of the funnel your client is in and also see which steps you can improve your conversion rates to get close to more contracts at the end of the month.

Other worksheets that can help you in marketing:

If your problem is only with the marketing area, it might be worth sales spreadsheet package.


Although this method is well known, few people use it on a daily basis in the ideal way. In our spreadsheet, in addition to having the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of your business, we also deliver a cross of these items and the index of favorability and the level of development of your idea or company.

It will help in the organization of business strategies, as well as in controlling the planned results. In addition, you can control action plans and visualize the progress and follow-up of your strategies in charts.

Essential for any business regardless of their stage of development. This worksheet helps a lot in the development of strategies and prioritization of which areas need more attention

Other worksheets that can help you in the strategic area:

If your problem is only with the strategic area, it might be worth strategy spreadsheet package.

Human Resources

Although few people give the necessary attention to people management, here may be the difference between a company with committed professionals and a company with low productivity. This worksheet helps you analyze your most engaged employees and provides inputs for you to do promotions, bonuses or even layoffs.

This worksheet is a bit more general for the entire people management area. It will provide you with indicators like turnover rate, turnover rate, hirings and layoffs that can direct all of your employee control and organizational culture.

Other worksheets that can help you in the area of ​​human resources:

If your problem is only with the human resources area, it might be worth human resource worksheet package.


Essential for any company that has stocks. It's no use working your sales and financial control if you do not keep an eye on your stock. With this worksheet you understand your minimum stock by product, learn about losses and order points, as well as a general control of the value in stock.

It will help you manage all stages of your project, from cost control to understanding whether the schedule is timely or not. In addition, it allows tracking of completion of steps and complete percentage of the project.

Other worksheets that can help you in the financial area:

If your problem is only with the operating area, it might be worth operations spreadsheet package.

Where to start

Regarding the worksheets I listed in the previous topic, it is good that you start with the area that you most need. If your problem is financial, most likely the cash flow spreadsheets and break-even spreadsheet will help. If you are a consultant or a company that performs projects, the project management worksheet may be more interesting.

Anyway, this choice will depend on your company and the current moment. From the implementation of the first spreadsheets, it is worth adding new controls and spreadsheets in your day to day.

Now, regardless of the area with the most need of organization, there are some characteristics related to the size of your company that can help you think about how to implement the spreadsheets in your day to day.

If you are an MEI, consultant or freelancer

My tip for those who are alone is always to choose the basics and simpler, this way you avoid having 100 different spreadsheets and emballo with them. One of the biggest reasons for solo entrepreneurs to give up control is the difficulty and loss of time that is exacerbated. So choose 3 or 4 spreadsheets that are essential for your business to run and start with them.

If you have at least one partner

In this case, divide the worksheets by the main assignments of each one. Each partner is responsible for controlling their activities and weekly or monthly (depending on the frequency of meetings of results) the results are presented

If your company is already structured in areas and has employees working in different areas

This is the best option because here you can distribute a larger number of spreadsheets to different controllers and have control of each of the areas without overcharging and spending too much time on anyone.

More than believing, we have the real proof of thousands of LUZ customers that it is possible to manage a company with spreadsheets, as long as they are well done and help you throughout the process as in the case of LUZ Spreadsheet Package.

Planilhas Prontas em Excel



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