Start Management in Practice How to give Low on MEI?

How to give Low on MEI?

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Just as business ends, it is normal that after a time as an Individual Microentrepreneur, you may want to stop exercising your work as MEI, ending its activities. It may be that a new opportunity has arisen, the business did not work or you simply do not want to be MEI anymore and have your CNPJ. At this point you need to write down your MEI.

Many people think that, to stop being MEI, just stop paying the DAS-MEI tax guides and you're done. This is wrong, as well as generating a headache in the future. Yes, after 12 months without paying the tab you will have your registration as MEI canceled, but these payments will still have to be paid to the IRS, with the same fines that you have to pay when you forget to pay for a month and issue an 2ª DAS-MEI route.

The correct way to end your activities as MEI is to give Baixa in your account.

How to give Low on MEI?

The first step is to go to the Simples Nacional site and ask for your SIMPLE access code. It's just access this link, enter the information they ask for on the screen, and pick up your code.

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After generating your code, you must go to the page inside the Portal of the Entrepreneur to give your withdrawal in the MEI. You can access this page by clicking here.

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After you click Proceed, you will be redirected to a screen where you will have to agree to the terms of the down payment and in addition, you can check your information. Confirm everything and that's it, you just gave Baixa in your account as MEI.

Finally, it is necessary to submit the DASN-Simei (National Simples Annual Declaration - Individual Microentrepreneur), referring to the year that the registration as MEI was active. Also, if you have any of the open DAS fees, you must pay them to terminate your activities.

Attention: The write-off in the MEI is irreversible, that is, you can no longer use this CNPJ permanently. This does not stop you from creating a new registration as MEI, if you want to start again. But this downgrade, in particular, will no longer exist.

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